Author: Jilligan
•7:09 PM
My computer is still in the shop. Turns out it wasn't the easy repair they thought it would be or I just wasn't high on the get this thing fixed list.

I had surgery on Friday. Still groggy on the details but know they fixed my ACL with donor ligament, cleaned out the meniscus and some scar tissue. I was in lots of pain coming home from the hospital and through the evening on Friday. I finally got my pain under control when my sweet hubby called the doctor and told him I wouldn't stop crying. Today we changed the dressing, lots of bleeding and bruising. I have been on my CPM machine non-stop and the ice machine also. Tomorrow I get to drop back to 8 hours a day for both machines. I wonder how many calories that machine burns. I think I will just alternate legs and see if I notice anything! I start physical therapy on Tuesday and go three times a week. Not the most fun but necessary evil I guess.

I will try to get some posts done while I am off. I have to stay home at least 2 weeks. I will try to catch up on everyone's blogs while I am off also.

I am restarting another round of cracking tomorrow with all the girls from work and my sisters. I plan on having lots of shakes cause I can keep them in a cooler by my bed. I would appreciate any "dieting while injuried" advice.

Have a good week everyone.