Author: Jilligan
•10:14 PM
Today has been a good day. Got to go back to sleep after waking the boys up for baseball practice. Got to go to the movies with Kip and Kallie. Got to go out to eat for supper. We got lots of rain, some said 5-7 inches. Hubby is getting lots of overtime and as long as they stay safe, that's good. And now I am watching some t.v. with my middle child. Good easy, nice slow, wonderful day.
Author: Jilligan
•2:49 PM
A whole week of killing myself and I lost 5 pounds. That was when I wasn't supposed to weigh but did anyway on Wednesday. When I was really supposed to weigh, this morning, I was at exactly the same place I was a week ago before I had gone on the biggest loser kill youself and burn 1800 calories a day trip. So much for that plan.
Author: Jilligan
•10:24 PM
Another day of 1800+ calories burned. I finished the day around 1985. I am beginning to like working out again and it has been a long time since I have enjoyed working out. I still have to keep reminding myself that the first three miles are torture but after that I can survive. I did 6 miles walking, almost 4 miles on the bike, pushed mowed the yard, pulled weeds, and went with Kallie to walk her dog. Shins are sore but better, arms are sore from the shred video which I didn't get around to doing today.

I am hoping to get up early tomorrow and get alot of my calories burned early before it gets hot. I had to use the treadmill today with the fan on. I like outside better.

I am very proud of myself and want to stick with it through this weekend and then figure out what to do when I have to go back to work. I obviously can't spend this many hours working out or can I?
Author: Jilligan
•10:05 PM
I am alive but barely. JK! Except for sore shins and a little knee pain I am doing good. I got my calorie burn in today by doing 7 miles, shredding, yoga, and some various other things. I had to go with shredding to get my last few calories burned cause my legs are trashed so I needed to add some arms and abs into the mix. Tomorrow I will do a little P90X to mix it up. I hit nearly 2100 yesterday and right at 1900 today. My meals have been okay. I am trying to follow the compulsive eating book for my food intake. While I am following most of the ideas in the book, I am sticking with 1500 calories max.

Both boys have camps again tomorrow so I can still work out in the morning. Kallie is home now so I will have to figure out what to do with her. It is supposed to be a daycare day but I feel bad sending her when I am on vacation. However, I did promise myself that I would do this challenge everyday so maybe I should just take her in the morning. I haven't decided. There is no way I could get my morning mileage in with her and I have no desire to push an extra 70 pounds around which would include the weight of my jogging stroller.

I am icing my shins now. I iced my knees earlier. Going without pain meds today unless I can sleep then I will go with my muscle relaxer. I know tomorrow the 3rd day will be the hardest as far as being sore. I will just waddle through. I can do it.
Author: Jilligan
•5:12 PM
Okay, I have the week off. I have a plan. I will torture myself Biggest Loser style for the week. Sounds like fun, right? I can burn 1800 calories everyday. Keep my eating under 1500 calories a day. By the end of the week I will have lost an unbelievable amount of weight, right? I know it's crazy. But you say crazy like it's a bad thing!

I got up this morning and took one child to baseball camp. I left the car parked at the field and started walk/running when I realized the child above had borrowed my garmin and hadn't charged it. So I walked to the house cause I knew that was 1.5 miles. I plugged in the garmin, took a pit stop, and headed out again. Good thing my droid has many programs that sort of take the place of my garmin. I had wanted to work out without music so my NIKE + also got to stay home. I wanted to be alone with my thoughts and the voices in my head. I walked the entire time my son was in baseball camp, with the exception of 2 bathroom breaks. I made it 7 miles this morning. When it was time for baseball camp to be over, I made my way back to the car just in time. I logged my calories at that point and realized I was over half done. Thank you heart rate monitor for not allowing me to die even though you kept thinking I was going to according to your uncontrollable beeping.

After a nice lunch and rehydration, it was time for another baseball camp and another one to basketball camp. This time I drove to our "ranch". It has a nice caliche road that is 1.5 miles long. I started strong but it was much hotter than earlier and I used my water up quickly. I made my way to the back side of the land and was really sick. Without details, it was an emergency! I was also out of water and 1.5 miles from the car. I checked the water tanks to see if I wanted to take a chance with the cattle. Gross, not to drink but just to get in and cool off. I wasn't sweating at all and that's a bad sign. I decided to forgo the water tank and just make my way back to the car slowly. I finally remembered where some water was that I could drink from and I was revived. Got back to the car safely. At one point the flight for life came over me and I wondered if my husband had called 911 to come get me. I also had some flashbacks to movies and wished I had a mirror to flag them down! Just kidding, I wasn't that bad off.

I made it back home finally with enough time before camps were scheduled to be over to jump in an ice bath. The dog really wanted to join me but it was too cold for her or my screaming scared her away. Not sure which. I also had time for a regular shower. Go me!

I ended up with 10 miles, 2100 calories burned and so far have only eaten 700. I took an ice bath, iced my knees again, taken some anti-inflammatory medication and maybe a muscle relaxor. I hope to be able to stay awake through closing ceremonies tonight for baseball.

Not sure what tomorrow will hold but my mom has my daughter, both boys have camps again so I could take another day to torture myself. That is if I can get out of bed. I am sure the biggest losers have no problem with Jillian screaming in their ears. Wonder if I could pay my crazy neighbor to do it?
Author: Jilligan
•10:48 AM
Boy am I bad about posting on my blog. I wish I was a once a day poster at least! I wish I could do this from my droid (any suggestions?). I figure I can take a few minutes and post so I will try and see how long that works out for me.

Summer is in full swing around our house. Baseball games most every night. The kids are at the pool everytime they get a chance. Since they built a new swim center 1/2 block from the house it makes it easy. Expensive but easy. We are members of the local country club but the pool is all the way across town and they can't get there safely yet. (I know, all the way across town is like 2 miles but that includes a major highway and a train track.)

Kallie is going to daycare two days a week this summer and she is mad about it. I don't blame her. I think the boys went some when they were younger, when I taught summer school or took my graduate classes. It doesn't seem far to her and she would much rather come to work with me anyway.

Trevor starts his Strength and Conditioning Camp tonight. He is supposed to go 4 nights a week for 5 weeks. I am really proud of him because he has been getting up to run each day, lifting weights some, and playing baseball. He is a good kid and really excited about h.s. athletics. I hope some jerk of a coach doesn't ruin it.

I have been walking alot, swimming some, golfing a little, and working on building our arena. It's not enough but it all counts for something. I am working through some self-improvement/food issue books trying to solve the compulsive eating problem. True to the book, I have gained some weight as I begin the process but am dealing with that also. I need to go buy some summer clothes that fit now and quit waiting for another size.

Guess that's all for now.