Author: Jilligan
•11:52 AM
By the time we got finished eating the wind was gusting 55 mph. Part of the fence blew down, and the front porch has two inches of dirt on it. Needless to say, we didn't go run. Let me repeat one of my previous blogs...I need a treadmill! There is only one small gym here in our town but even a membership there wouldn't help because the hours are crappy. My DH asked me this week if we just wanted to get rid of the dining room table and move our weight room(garage) equipment in to the dining room and add a treadmill. I love this man. I am thinking that means we get to eat out even more! Unfortunately, he was thinking smaller table in the kitchen or tv trays. Darn.

I said, "Let's just get a bigger house."

He said, "Sure Jill and go ahead and quit your job and hire the maid and keep sending the kid to daycare so you can stay home and train all day or whatever you want to do."

I said, "Really?"

He said, "Get a grip."
Author: Jilligan
•7:40 PM
Today was a beautiful day. It was the kind of day you wish you could sit under a shade tree with a cherry lime and magazines or a great novel. Not warm enough to tan but nice enough to just hang out and relax. But oh, I work for a living so no hanging out. I mentioned my idea at lunch and one of my friends brought me back a 44 oz dt. coke. Closest I got to my dream afternoon. Thanks for thinking of me.

I also had a therapy session with my talk therapist. I hope she got as much out of it as I did. I didn't get home until late but it was well worth it.

We are waiting on lil' sis and family to come over for dinner. We are supposed to get a run in after we eat but the later it gets, the easier to sits! Tomorrow we have to run 6 which also means we get to eat pancakes!

Tomorrow afternoon we have to head to our old house to get the last of the stuff out of storage. We are supposed to close in two weeks. Prayers and crossed fingers would be appreciated. Everything is a go so far so we hope it stays that way. It has been over two years since we put it on the market. So we hope it goes through.
Author: Jilligan
•6:00 PM
Eating was better today-stayed on track so far. Not sure if I can count it as calorie burn but my every two hour shock therapy as sure made me sore. I looked online today for other placement instructions. Still counting on insurance to approve buy not rent!

No stalker news!

The boys are gone for the evening so its a girls night. I have some new students at school and we are piloting some mini laptop type computers. I brought one home to play with but Kallie quickly took over. So girls night and we are both working away on the laptops. I was thinking a nap sounded good but know I won't sleep tonight if I sleep now.

Jana and I were going to meet to run but she ended up going to a game instead. I will head over to the park to run in a little while after the boys get home cause I am not pushing that blasted jogging stroller.

Enjoy the evening.
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•8:17 PM
I can't stop eating. I am not going to do a CH or H day again. I can't get over the cravings for carbs. It might have something to do with the girl scout cookies I keep buying. I even quit carrying cash for a few days to see if that would keep me from buying junk. Didn't work. I think I will deplete for the next few days before starting week two on Monday.

I had a doctor's appt for my knee today. My muscles is still atrophied and my thigh is 3.5 inches smaller than the other. So I have to wear a STEM machine all day. It goes off every two hours for 30 minutes. I also went back to the therapist for new exercises today. My thigh is pretty sore from just one day. I am thinking I should use it on both legs every other hour but who knows. I hope my insurance company lets me buy it instead of just renting it.

I looked at the bike trainers today. I tried to call my DH to see if he would approve the purchase but he didn't answer until I had already left the store. He told me to go back but I was trying to make it to work for a meeting. Hope he doesn't change his mind before I get back to the store. Also I got so excited cause I passed a second hand store that had two bike trailers for Kallie. I went back after therapy. Ha, they were more expensive then the first hand ones at Wal-mart. Needless to say, I didn't get anything new today.
Author: Jilligan
•9:57 PM
I had to go to a workshop today instead of going in to work. Therefore I have no stalker news. My food the last few days has been not so good. I think once I have my CH day and my H day I go crazy and can't go without the carbs. I ate some girl scout cookies. I had some fries. I was going to have some pizza but my sis reminded me how sick I was over the last pizza. Thanks. I have been keeping track of the calories and am still within my range but the carb count has been high, really high.

My son is sick again and so is the DH. I don't know what is causing all of this. I am tired of it. Hopefully everyone will go back to work and school tomorrow. One good thing about it was that my mom kept the kids so I had to go pick them up which meant I could sneak in another run with my sis. I loved running with my friends before I moved and really miss that. I have enjoyed running with Jana Banana.

We decided to run a new route tonight. My brillant plan because I had let my IPOD die so I had to measure it in the car. We had 12-15 dogs chase us at one point or another during the run. One owner was even in his yard and we had to ask him to hold his dog so we could pass. It seemed like the whole run we were saying nice dog, good dog, go home dog. We were carrying any weapons we could find. Rocks, beer bottles, boulders, whatever we could find in the ditch (that's side of the road for you city folks).

After watching BL tonight my DH wants to buy a trainer and block for our bikes. Anyone have any comments about them?
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•8:38 PM
Okay, today when I got to work I parked in my secret hiding place again. I walked into my office and was told that someone was waiting for me in my regular parking space. Sure enough I looked out the door and there he was parked in the parking lot just waiting. After about 15 minutes he moved to the end of the parking lot. Can you believe it? But wait...this afternoon when I got ready to leave, there were two more parked behind my car in the back parking lot. I had a friend wait with me for a little bit and then I just got in my car and waited. I didn't have to wait very long before they drove off. Didn't get stopped so that's positive. Someone at work told me he got fired from his last job for pretty much the same thing. I have until March 4 to pay the ticket so I am waiting to see what happens between now and then. Any advice?
Author: Jilligan
•6:57 PM
What a week of drama! I thought (think) I am being stalked by the local police where I work. I was minding my own business going to work when I saw the police parked on the side of the road. Dumb me, I made eye contact and knew I was going to get stopped. I had looked up to see the speed limit and to know I wasn't speeding. I was also wearing my seatbelt. It took 5 blocks for him to decide to pull me over. When he came up to the car, he asked if everything was okay? And I was like, yes, why? He said there had been a call about me and that I was driving erratic and at high rates of speed through a town about 18 miles back. WHAT? He knew where I worked and what my name was when he pulled me over. Hello? The car is not registered to me so even if someone had called in the tags, it wouldn't have been me. Anyway, he said he was just following up and that he was waiting on a call back but if he needed me he knew where I worked and would come get me. Again, WHAT? Moving on to the next day...I was in the exact same spot and saw the police. He whipped around on the highway and turned his lights on. I was just sitting at the stop sign waiting to get on the highway. He pulls up beside me and starts pointing. I say, "Me?" He says pull over. You have got to be kidding me. He said I wasn't wearing a selt belt. I say yes I was. He says no you weren't. I said I was. He said both him and his partner saw that I wasn't. I pull the seatbelt out and say this seatbelt? He gives me a ticket. And oh the tags on registered but he will let me go this time but that will be next. And I better get this ticket paid cause he doesn't want a warrant for my arrest out there. Again, together everyone, "WHAT?" I call the judge and tell her I think I am being stalked. She tells me what nice guys they are and how it just must be my bad week. Please send in the $140.

So as if that wasn't enough, work is ???????? What is going on? Are the planets out of alignment? Is everyone PMSing? Did someone pass out stupid juice? I have got to find a solution so that I don't end up at the funny farm.
Author: Jilligan
•9:04 PM
How can I afford to stay at home and never go to work again?

What can I do that will still make money but not be so stressful?
Author: Jilligan
•8:05 PM
My 5K was 38:18 on concrete in Houston. Humid, nice rain, and wonderful support from my sister who drove me to a measured course, brought me water, and gummies then came back and picked me up when it was over (I had to run 5 total) and had me a nice cold dt. dr. pepper waiting.
Author: Jilligan
•9:44 PM
I am leaving tomorrow to go see Jo. Kallie and I are flying down. It will be her first time on the plane and she is very excited. I have tried to explain to her about the baby but she doesn't really understand. I hope she will be distracted enough by the trip, Landon, and the other events going on that she won't think to ask about what happened.

Diet is going good this week. Exercise-whatever! Work-I rather not say. Actually I would love to say but don't really have anyone that I can talk to about what is going on. Sure can't blog about it because I am sure that someone will search me out and read it. (Paranoid) I feel bad about Kip having to listen to me all the time but I am so glad to have him.

Things will all work out. I am glad to have a job because I know people are struggling everywhere. I am glad to have my family. I am glad to have my health. I am glad to have so many things and have lost focus this week about how blessed I really am.

Anyone doing the virtual race on V-day?
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•9:44 PM
I had to take advantage of the great weather we had today and no wind! I tried to get one of the boys to run with me but they were too interested in the new basketball courts they set up near our house. I loaded up the jogging stroller with all my stuff and my daughter. I even had to come back inside and change from a long sleeve shirt to short sleeve! We just went at a nice slow pace because we had to stop a lot to get Kallie situated. Finally after 2 miles she settled in and I could run. We went through town and down Main Street, across the tracks and out by the country club. That's when I called my DH to come get the jogging stroller and the daughter. I was tired of the right hand tug of the stroller and she was tired of my BORING run. They decided to go get a coke so I gave them all my water and extra stuff, told them my route, and begged them to meet back up with me with a diet coke in hand. I headed back across the tracks, down main street, by the courthouse and library, past the elementary school, and in to the park. I was beginning to give up on the diet coke when my knight in shining armor (white pickup) pulled up with my drink. I had first thought I would get in with them but that was when I thought they would be back to get me before I got back to Main Street! Since I was just about a mile from home, I decided to finish the run. Especially since I had a drink of diet coke to carry me through. I ended up doing a little over 7 miles. According to HR monitor, 1271 calories burned! I took an ice bath as a reward and had my DH rub me down with the Stick.

It was great but now I am in bed with ice packs on my knees and toe. I also ran with out anything under my knee brace to see if it would chaf. It did. Jo said use diaper cream but since it's been 3 years since we had anything with diapers, I used antibiotic cream.

Hope to be better and ready to go again tomorrow cause J and I have to do 5. Wonder if we can get her DH to drive us somewhere without wind again!
Author: Jilligan
•8:15 PM
Okay, I was checking out the blog about the spi belt which had a blog about a virtual race that was being held for someone who has been told she may not be able to run anymore. Check it out.

It reminds me of a quote I heard this week. "One day I will not be able to get out and run. Today is not that day."

Anyone want to do the virtual race?
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•7:46 PM
I survived the week. I have been sick again with sinus infection and am on my second round of antibiotics. One of the kids had the stomach bug and missed 4 days of school. Now the DH has it and I am staying away. I think everyone is feeling better tonight and we will hope no one else catches anything for at least 72 hours.

The other thing is work. I am really struggling but hate to complain because so many people are without jobs. My sister told me something this work that has changed my outlook though. She said if I liked the money or needed the money then concentrate on the things I did like about my job. But if I didn't need the money, quit and go to work at Wal-Mart. Been there, done that. So that being said, there are lots of things I love about my job so I am trying to work through the rest of it and get over myself. I have made some good friends there and that's always nice.

As far as the WOE goes I am still doing pretty good. I have lost 12 pounds this round and am on week 5. I didn't have my journal one day and got messed up on the types of days so I have been trying to play catch up since then. I have been dealing with cravings this week and need to find something to do about that. More water maybe?

Exercise is going well also. I am on track with my 1/2 marathon training despite knee surgery 3 months ago. I am not looking for a PR just a finish so that takes pressure off. I am a little concerned about Seabrook over spring break but it will all work out.

Going to bed early again tonight so I can finish beating this sinus infection. I am not a fan of snot so I am hoping to be able to run again in the next few days without snot rockets!