Author: Jilligan
•11:52 AM
By the time we got finished eating the wind was gusting 55 mph. Part of the fence blew down, and the front porch has two inches of dirt on it. Needless to say, we didn't go run. Let me repeat one of my previous blogs...I need a treadmill! There is only one small gym here in our town but even a membership there wouldn't help because the hours are crappy. My DH asked me this week if we just wanted to get rid of the dining room table and move our weight room(garage) equipment in to the dining room and add a treadmill. I love this man. I am thinking that means we get to eat out even more! Unfortunately, he was thinking smaller table in the kitchen or tv trays. Darn.

I said, "Let's just get a bigger house."

He said, "Sure Jill and go ahead and quit your job and hire the maid and keep sending the kid to daycare so you can stay home and train all day or whatever you want to do."

I said, "Really?"

He said, "Get a grip."
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On February 28, 2009 at 5:17 PM , Mel said...

I am with you! If you can figure out how to do all that please let me know. I think that would mean winning the lottery. What do you think?