Author: Jilligan
•9:57 PM
I had to go to a workshop today instead of going in to work. Therefore I have no stalker news. My food the last few days has been not so good. I think once I have my CH day and my H day I go crazy and can't go without the carbs. I ate some girl scout cookies. I had some fries. I was going to have some pizza but my sis reminded me how sick I was over the last pizza. Thanks. I have been keeping track of the calories and am still within my range but the carb count has been high, really high.

My son is sick again and so is the DH. I don't know what is causing all of this. I am tired of it. Hopefully everyone will go back to work and school tomorrow. One good thing about it was that my mom kept the kids so I had to go pick them up which meant I could sneak in another run with my sis. I loved running with my friends before I moved and really miss that. I have enjoyed running with Jana Banana.

We decided to run a new route tonight. My brillant plan because I had let my IPOD die so I had to measure it in the car. We had 12-15 dogs chase us at one point or another during the run. One owner was even in his yard and we had to ask him to hold his dog so we could pass. It seemed like the whole run we were saying nice dog, good dog, go home dog. We were carrying any weapons we could find. Rocks, beer bottles, boulders, whatever we could find in the ditch (that's side of the road for you city folks).

After watching BL tonight my DH wants to buy a trainer and block for our bikes. Anyone have any comments about them?
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On February 24, 2009 at 10:25 PM , NewGrl said...

I love my trainer. I wish I used it more than I do. Mine is an Elite Fluid Primo. With everything you have going on you have been a real champ!

On February 25, 2009 at 1:31 PM , Jodie said...

I commented on Jana's blog, but I can't believe you guys picked up beer bottles...eww. And I can't believe you ran down that road. But probably better than running down Kilgore in the dark. Scary.

Do they have the stomach flu that went around the family? Bryan's at home today with that...and I sent Landon to school with a green snotty nose.

Let me know if you decide to get a trainer, that might be the only way I'd ride my bike.

On February 25, 2009 at 1:46 PM , Laura N said...

I felt exactly the same way after CH & H days the last time I did this diet. I'm only on week 2 this go round so I haven't hit that obstacle yet. I do think it will serve me well to follow her guidelines instead of eating in a "I'm free & I'm going to eat every piece of junk that crosses my path!" way, which is what I did last time.

Dogs on runs are kinda scary! And annoying. Glad none of them got a bite. :)

I'm sorry about all the sickness. We have that happen in our house too & I just about lose my mind. NORMAL feels so good when it comes back around.

Hope the rest of your week goes better.