Author: Jilligan
•8:38 PM
Okay, today when I got to work I parked in my secret hiding place again. I walked into my office and was told that someone was waiting for me in my regular parking space. Sure enough I looked out the door and there he was parked in the parking lot just waiting. After about 15 minutes he moved to the end of the parking lot. Can you believe it? But wait...this afternoon when I got ready to leave, there were two more parked behind my car in the back parking lot. I had a friend wait with me for a little bit and then I just got in my car and waited. I didn't have to wait very long before they drove off. Didn't get stopped so that's positive. Someone at work told me he got fired from his last job for pretty much the same thing. I have until March 4 to pay the ticket so I am waiting to see what happens between now and then. Any advice?
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