Author: Jilligan
•10:42 PM
I am back on the open road. If you saw a black blob lumbering down the street behind a jogging stroller, that was me. I used the jogging stroller as sort of a running walker! I made it 2.25 miles in 30 minutes. Very slow but I was at least out there running. Free from the confines of physical therapy and the treadmill. The temperature was nice and I only needed a sweat shirt and ear warmer. It was a little windy but I changed my course to avoid running into the wind much. I am still not allowed to turn while running and have to avoid hills but I was able to pick my way through my old course with just a few changes. Two of my kids went with me and one of the dogs. The kids had all gotten new sweatshirts for Christmas so we made the dog one to match. I had my hubby take pictures so I will try to figure out how to post them later.

I had a little pain all the way through the run mostly from the meniscus, I think. I go back to the doctor tomorrow so we will see what he says.

We got the garage/workout room cleaned up today and ready for weight training. Now that I am done with pt I will have to finish the rehab on my own.

I have done well with two days of cracking. I am worried that I haven't had enough calories today but could only find 10 calorie jello to round out the night. Guess I will have another shake in a minute before bed.

I came up with a monetary reward for my goals. I will report on it in the next day or so but I hope it will help me stay focused.

Better sign off for the night. Hope you all have a happy and safe new year. Be careful!
Author: Jilligan
•11:36 PM
Well, we are officially done with the Christmas present exchanges. We finished up this evening with Kip's family. We also had a few exchanges to make and finished those tonight. We actually got home in time to sit for a minute and watch tv before putting the kids to bed. I have been working on uploading all my pictures so my camera is clear for New Year's Eve. I thought by buying a bigger memory card I was saving myself some time. Hah! I forgot how long it takes to upload them.

Like always, I have big plans for the New Year. I have read everything about setting goals and how New Year's resolutions rarely work. I am trying to do everything right so I can be successful. The first thing is to let you all know my plans. I am working on self promises but it never hurts to have a little peer pressure also!

So here goes:

1. Carb deplete starting tomorrow and going into next week so that I can Crack the Fat for another round.
2. Train for and run OKC for the 3rd time.
3. Lose 30 more pounds by July.
4. Lose 10% body fat by July.
5. Run marathon.
6. Get more sleep (7-8 hours???)-This is the only long shot!

Now I know another key to success is having a plan to reach the goals you have set. I have plans for all my goals but won't bore you with the details.

My husband just pointed out the time so I better sign off so I can start working on #6. I hope you all have had a wonderful 2008 and I look forward to your blogging friendship in 2009.
Author: Jilligan
•9:56 AM
Good morning everyone. After a late night we were up early this morning to see what was under the tree. We had gotten home late from family events and still had to wrap gifts for the kids. About the time we got the gifts wrapped, our youngest started throwing up. After we got the bed cleaned and the sleeping arrangements settled we fell back asleep until the boys woke us up to open presents. The living room is a mess right now and only Kallie is left playing with her toys. The boys have gone back to the PSPs they got a few nights ago. The hubby is cooking breakfast so the house may be messy but it smells really good.

I got a heart rate monitor for Christmas and some under armour pants. However, I have already lost the pants to my husband. The boys got lots of clothes and a SPARQ training system. Kallie got lots of Barbie stuff: computer, phone, camera, kitchen center, and boots. Trev got a fur lined hat that we all have called "The grandad steak cooking hat". But we have also been singing, "I'm a wabbit slayer." TJ got some under armour stuff.

We have had a good holiday season. Some tears last night when we got a new book about Grandma and got to watch a slide show Katie had made of past Christmas at Grandma and Grandad's house.

We have a few more days of family events. We are thankful for the wonderful weather, the good company, the family, and another year together. I wish everyone else a Merry Christmas and hope we all have a happy new year.
Author: Jilligan
•2:39 PM
School is out for a few days. I have to work 3 days during the Christmas Break but that's okay cause it saves me from losing a lot of time due to my knee surgery. The kids got out early today and seem relieved. They are going to stay with my mom tonight because we haven't even started shopping yet. We have to get it all done tonight and tomorrow before we run out of time.

My kids seem glad to be done with semester tests. I will be glad when we see the grades.

We don't have many plans for the holidays and hope to avoid a lot of travel. We have conflicts with two of our family Christmas events so we will have to get that worked out somehow. I made it though the work parties and treat days. I did have a cake ball. They are great. Luckily the kids knew about them and couldn't wait to eat one also. That didn't leave me but one so thank goodness.

Off to shop, keep your fingers crossed that I can still find the gifts on the lists.
Author: Jilligan
•5:23 PM
I have been really struggling with Cracking right now. I wanted to do carb deplete and get back on track but I end up hungry and then pigging out. I am very much a stress eater and I have been very stressed. I have made it through today so I am hopeful. I have a doctor's appointment coming up so I know I will have to weigh in.

On a better note, I did win the diet contest at work. I had lost 13% of my body weight. It was fun to win and I was going to celebrate by eating something good at the school lunch room. Mini corn dogs, brown lettuce, broccoli that tasted like tunafish, and actual tunafish. Needless to say, I hate the mini corndogs with lots of mustard.

We had holiday snack day today at work and I resisted. I just had to stay out of the lounge. There will be snacks again tomorrow so I will have to keep my will power up.

Good luck to the rest of you who are having parties at work. Don't pull out the stretchy pants yet.
Author: Jilligan
•7:35 AM
Well, I hope Mel is right and that absence does make the heart grow fonder. Jo had agreed to post my blogs if I would email them to her...never happened. Sadly my computer did not make it. We will be having a small ceremony later in the month! My new computer that really isn't all that new had been giving my fits with internet. Finally my nice sweet hubby and equally nice brother in law sat down and figured out the problem. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Anyway a quick update...I had knee surgery after the skateboard accident for a torn ACL and meniscus. I stayed home three weeks to recover. Back to work finally but that only meant off to several conferences. We went to Vegas for the National Youth Football tournament for my 9 year old to play in. They ended up 2nd. We are in Dallas right now for the State High School Football. Our school won in their first state appearance in school history. Can't think of much else to update so on to current life.

I am still cracking. It was hard post surgery cause lots of people sent food and I had to rely on someone else to get up and get my food for me. I still lost according to the doctor. I was glad it was pounds and not muscle cause my leg has really shriveled. I am still going to physical therapy. I was cleared to run last week but have been scared to give it a go. So far, I have stuck to the bike. I know the cut off for realistic training for OKC was like last week so I will need to get started to finish alive. I was measured for my real knee brace last week and will feel better with it on. My current brace doesn't stay up well so I would rather wait.

I have tried carb deplete a few times but haven't been very committed. I have to finish my weight loss journey so I can get on with living a healthy life. I asked my hubby if we could do a race in Hawaii in September if I was down to my goal weight and fitness level. He said to start planning it. I have really looked at the cost but would like something big to look forward to. I guess the threat of you will die if you don't loose this weight didn't work. (Is that the right loose/lose?)

Everyone is starting to wake up so I better sign off for now. I am so excited to be back among my blogging friends. I can't wait to see what has happened to you all while I have been gone.