Author: Jilligan
•9:56 AM
Good morning everyone. After a late night we were up early this morning to see what was under the tree. We had gotten home late from family events and still had to wrap gifts for the kids. About the time we got the gifts wrapped, our youngest started throwing up. After we got the bed cleaned and the sleeping arrangements settled we fell back asleep until the boys woke us up to open presents. The living room is a mess right now and only Kallie is left playing with her toys. The boys have gone back to the PSPs they got a few nights ago. The hubby is cooking breakfast so the house may be messy but it smells really good.

I got a heart rate monitor for Christmas and some under armour pants. However, I have already lost the pants to my husband. The boys got lots of clothes and a SPARQ training system. Kallie got lots of Barbie stuff: computer, phone, camera, kitchen center, and boots. Trev got a fur lined hat that we all have called "The grandad steak cooking hat". But we have also been singing, "I'm a wabbit slayer." TJ got some under armour stuff.

We have had a good holiday season. Some tears last night when we got a new book about Grandma and got to watch a slide show Katie had made of past Christmas at Grandma and Grandad's house.

We have a few more days of family events. We are thankful for the wonderful weather, the good company, the family, and another year together. I wish everyone else a Merry Christmas and hope we all have a happy new year.
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