Author: Jilligan
•5:46 PM
Gonna have some time on my hands so thought I better catch up on my blog. I have had another knee surgery which means I will be home for at least a week if not two. Not really sure if this was related to my ripstick event or actually to falling at a football game. I had some procedures done that should get me through the next 15 years when they will finally do a knee replacement.

Today I am sore but not in pain. Tomorrow I will get to remove the bandages and assess the damage with a session of physical therapy. Thank goodness for pain medication.

The kids had a snow day today and have been a lot of help. TJ made lunch and Trevor made me an orange julius for a treat. Kallie is good to get me whatever I need and to help me get unhooked from my ice machine. The boys went sledding today while Kallie and I napped. Nice day at our house. Not sure what tomorrow will bring but so far they are starting late.

As for the hubby, he had to leave as soon as the kids were ready to take over this morning. There are lots of power lines done and he didn't expect to be home tonight. Please thank a lineman if you have power today in this snow storm because they have worked hard.

A neighbor is bringing dinner so I really feel blessed. Thankful for all that I have.