Author: Jilligan
•9:59 AM
Spring break is complete and now we are in it for the long haul until summer.  Testing is revving up and kids are getting anxious for all the spring activities.  We just finished senior pictures for the oldest.  We have a college visit on Friday and are shopping for a "new" vehicle.  Where has the time gone?

Baseball is in full swing and once again, it is so nice to have both boys on the same team for the same school.  The team is doing really great this year and hopefully we will end our oldest's senior year on a winning note.

The youngest is playing Little Dribblers and has a few more tournaments left before the season is over.  She really seems to like basketball this year and would love to find a team to play with over the summer.  She is not going to play softball this year and wants to take some gymnastics or cheer classes instead.  She has made lots of plans about taking over her brother's room when he graduates so that may consume her summer.

The hubby and I are hanging on and hope to still like each other when the kids are gone.  We tried going on a date this week but ended up with the youngest.  The boys called the whole time we were gone so I don't think we were successful at dating.  Maybe we will try again in a year or two.

I hope your life is as full as ours and you enjoy the time you have with your children and your family.  It's not guaranteed and could be over any second.  Enjoy life while you can.

Author: Jilligan
•2:11 PM
I am being punished.  I have been faithful to my diet for weeks.  Today I had a lick of chocolate icing.  My stomach is cramping and I feel like I might explode.  I think I must be allergic and that's what has caused my hips to swell for years.  I regret eating the icing, no matter how delicious it tasted.  I guess I will stick with my diet and ignore the chocolate cake, especially the icing.