Author: Jilligan
•5:37 PM
I have really enjoyed my break this year. We haven't done much but what we did needed to be done. We cleaned the yard, we cleaned the kids room, and I almost got caught up on laundry. My DH took the 2nd week off so we have spent lots of time as a family, just hanging out. Of course there have been the usual family events that come with the holiday as well.

I am in a new place in my weight loss journey. A good place and things are moving in the right direction. I started working out again. I am back to drinking my water. I have a 1/2 marathon plan in place. I am really looking forward to January 1, 2011 for many reasons. I have no resolutions because I decided a while back to make resolutions for everyday if that's possible. I know what I want in life and I am on the path to get it. I truly believe that things will continue to fall into place.

Happy New Year to you all. Thanks for sticking with me through another year.
Author: Jilligan
•10:58 PM
I am doing great. Made it through Christmas as planned. Got my cravings out of the way and didn't overeat. Started back on the WOE today and doing great. No hunger and no cravings. Didn't get enough to eat today because somethings got in the way and I just forgot to eat my planned things like an apple. I really have to get back in the habit of drinking more water. I don't think there is anything at all on the schedule for tomorrow so I plan to start the day with a pot of coffee and a good book. May not get out of bed until noon if I can get someone else to make the coffe! Hope you are enjoying the holiday season and I hope you have as great a family as I do.
Author: Jilligan
•1:15 PM
I have lost track of what day we are on as far as celebrating. I have also lost track of the number of events we have had this Christmas break. I am loving it though. I usually hate Christmas. It makes me so sad since my grandparents are gone. I only got sad a few times so far though. Once talking to Ashley, once thinking about how much certain people have helped me along this weight loss journey this time, and once last night when I saw Grandma's picture with the tea. Much better then spending the whole time feeling sad.

Food issues are going okay. I didn't over indulge. Just had samples of what I wanted. And yes, the cobbler crust was worth the wait. I had a bite of divinity, Aunt Bill's, and crackers with meat sandwich spread. I skipped the potato, gave up on the bread, and avoided dessert at Granny's (homeade reese's peanut butter cups).

Merry Christmas everyone, must rush off to the next family event.
Author: Jilligan
•10:57 AM
Well into the holiday season and still going strong. I am sampling what I want today, tomorrow, and Sunday. Will do just fine. Weight is down this morning. Didn't like the pictures from last night but my clothes were too big. Oh well, just because I am finally seeing what I look like doesn't mean other people haven't seen it all along.

Keep up the fight. Merry Christmas all. Sorry this isn't more thought out but you know the rush of the holiday season is upon us. We have two family Christmas event today.
Author: Jilligan
•6:31 AM

Wow, this last pound is making me work for it. Up and down for two weeks trying to get it. Today I am within .2 pound. Close enough I am calling it. So 45 pounds in 4 months. I did better then some of the biggest losers from last nights final and they had 8 months to get rid of theirs.

Now granted, I am no where close to being finished. I had really let myself go this time. I am back to where I comfortable resided for most of my adult life. This is the weight I was at a few sort months after getting married. This was the weight I started two of my pregnancies at. This was the weight I ran two half marathons at. I have changed jobs at this weight. I have lived at this weight but I can't say I really enjoyed life at this weight. I also know my body can live 20 pounds lighter. I have done lots at that weight also. I have a whole closet for that weight.

But my final goal is beyond even that weight. It is a weight I reached 9 years ago. It's 47 pounds away from today's weight. But this second goal will be harder. My body will start to resist after the next 20. My desire will weaken. Life will slow me down. I may become satisfied. I may give up.

So instead of the goal we are going to talk mini. The first mini goal was going to be 25 but then I thought I should change to 10 because already 25 seems unattainable but 10 doesn't. But this is all about hard things so we are going with 25. 

I did 45 in 4 so let's go for 25 in 2 or so. By the end of February, I hope to be expressing a new goal. Check back and see what I am able to accomplish.

Author: Jilligan
•8:24 AM
1 pound away from my end of the year goal. I wasn't sure I could make it but now I am feeling confident. People are starting to notice. Man, it's depressing that it takes 45 pounds before someone notices. Maybe it doesn't take that much because I hadn't seen this person that noticed yesterday in about two months. Maybe that's what it takes. It's not the people you see day to day but the ones you don't see for weeks or months on end that really notice.

Anyway, I am feeling good overall as far as weight is concerned. My clothes are falling off. My knees don't hurt as much. My foot doesn't kill me every morning when I get up. I know, I know, I still have a long way to go but I am proud of making it this far.

Here are some useless stats. I need to get rid of 4 more pounds to be considered overweight and not obese. I need to lose 1 point from my BMI to move from obese to overweight. I have lost almost 45 pounds since the first of August. I have lost 30 inches (haven't measured lately) from various points.

I am feeling worthy of my goal. I am dedicated to this journey. I have gone over 65 days with only one slip up. Next week I am going to reintroduce carbs to my diet one at a time to see how I react to them. I am still off of dt soda with only an occasional drink. I don't feel the overwhelming desire to have one so I am trying to keep that in mind.

I have made it past Thanksgiving, birthday luncheons, Christmas work parties, snack day in the lounge, and candy sampling. I have made it through meals with bread at Logan's, chips at Leal's, cobbler at Sharon's, and lonely meals. I have made it through several stressful personal events. I have made it through all of these things without turning to food.

The next round starts Christmas Eve. What will that round bring? I hope for another 45 pounds. I hope for a healthier me. I hope for a positive outlook. I hope for you to join me.
I am
Author: Jilligan
•5:50 PM
Stress is rampant in my life right now but I am hanging on. If you don't know it, I hate liars. Just absolutely can't stand to be lied to. I know it is something I have to deal with but it just makes me so mad.

Diet is going good. Family is going good. I took the day off to just let the stress of everything else handle itself. I had a great day with my oldest son. He had a basketball game this morning and then we spent the rest of the day together. Lots of talking and some shopping. He is growing up so fast and needed a few things to make it until Christmas.

I love all my kids. They are so great. I don't know what I would do without them. Glad this is a good week as far as they are concerned.

I have some other friends who haven't been so lucky lately. Please pray for these parents as they deal with the growing pains of their children and grandchildren. I know that God is good and will help us all get through the trials the devil lays before us.