Author: Jilligan
•1:15 PM
I have lost track of what day we are on as far as celebrating. I have also lost track of the number of events we have had this Christmas break. I am loving it though. I usually hate Christmas. It makes me so sad since my grandparents are gone. I only got sad a few times so far though. Once talking to Ashley, once thinking about how much certain people have helped me along this weight loss journey this time, and once last night when I saw Grandma's picture with the tea. Much better then spending the whole time feeling sad.

Food issues are going okay. I didn't over indulge. Just had samples of what I wanted. And yes, the cobbler crust was worth the wait. I had a bite of divinity, Aunt Bill's, and crackers with meat sandwich spread. I skipped the potato, gave up on the bread, and avoided dessert at Granny's (homeade reese's peanut butter cups).

Merry Christmas everyone, must rush off to the next family event.
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