Author: Jilligan
•6:31 AM

Wow, this last pound is making me work for it. Up and down for two weeks trying to get it. Today I am within .2 pound. Close enough I am calling it. So 45 pounds in 4 months. I did better then some of the biggest losers from last nights final and they had 8 months to get rid of theirs.

Now granted, I am no where close to being finished. I had really let myself go this time. I am back to where I comfortable resided for most of my adult life. This is the weight I was at a few sort months after getting married. This was the weight I started two of my pregnancies at. This was the weight I ran two half marathons at. I have changed jobs at this weight. I have lived at this weight but I can't say I really enjoyed life at this weight. I also know my body can live 20 pounds lighter. I have done lots at that weight also. I have a whole closet for that weight.

But my final goal is beyond even that weight. It is a weight I reached 9 years ago. It's 47 pounds away from today's weight. But this second goal will be harder. My body will start to resist after the next 20. My desire will weaken. Life will slow me down. I may become satisfied. I may give up.

So instead of the goal we are going to talk mini. The first mini goal was going to be 25 but then I thought I should change to 10 because already 25 seems unattainable but 10 doesn't. But this is all about hard things so we are going with 25. 

I did 45 in 4 so let's go for 25 in 2 or so. By the end of February, I hope to be expressing a new goal. Check back and see what I am able to accomplish.

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