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Long night of stomach problems so I didn't get up to run my long run. We packed up camp this morning so I will have to run tonight at home.

Great weekend. Lots of good workouts. Lots of swimming, floating, and tanning. Headed to town for a good meal, a little shopping, and then headed home.

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•11:41 PM

Tomorrow is my last day of vacation. As soon as we could we left town today to head back to the lake. We got the same campsite we had last weekend. It will be crowded later in the weekend due to a fishing derby but tonight it is fairly empty.

The kids helped set up the tents and unload the bikes. Then they put on their swimsuits, grabbed the rafts, and headed to the water. My puppy had his first swim. He was more interested in the new smells along the edge of the water. Tomorrow we will go to a sandy beach and see if he likes that better.

I had almost decided to put my run off but my middle son came out of his tent ready to go. We were going for 3. I felt pretty good at the turn around point so we kept going around the lake instead. That meant a few more hills but I was really feeling good. The hills eventually trashed my quads but we made it back to the campsite. It was 3.5 and it felt great. Again, its amazing what carbs will do for a run. Think I have a plan for that though. We will see in the next few weeks.

It was dark when we ran so no picture tonight but we are staying all weekend so I bet I get some before we leave.

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•10:12 PM

Jo sent me a text picture of her saggy sweaty shorts after her workout. She reminded me that we had 4 on schedule today. I still have dual schedules going on my calendar so I was thinking 3. I have to get that old schedule cleared out.

My daughter went with me for awhile. After two miles, I texted Jo that I had to relieve myself twice. Once in the bathroom and once of Kallie. I went back for the last two by myself. It was a nice run. It's amazing how carbs will help a run. Gotta get this all figured out. Still need to/want to lose some more weight but feel like I will need some carbs to get through the marathon training.

My middle son broke his toe a few weeks ago and re-injured it last night.  He struggled a little bit with it on his run last night. We decided to take the morning off today and give him a few more hours of rest. He ran sprints tonight with a little pain. His running partner quit on him after winning her age group last weekend. Not sure why but glad he is sticking with it.

It was hot so tonight's picture is me begging for water.

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•11:39 PM

My DH and I both had the day off tomorrow so we got the brilliant idea to come to the lake to get some training in. I called my mom to see if she would keep the younger two and we called the neighbor to keep the oldest. He is also his boss so that way he wouldn't miss work. We went to church this morning, ate lunch with the family, and then headed home to pack up.

We were having our road bikes serviced so we loaded the mountain bikes. We grabbed running gear and swimsuits.  We stopped at the grocery for some more fruit and cash. We got to the lake later then we wanted but it was okay because most everyone is leaving out on Sunday. We drove around scouting out places we liked. Distance to bathrooms/showers and distance from parties were the priorities.  After deciding on a spot we quickly set up the tent, unloaded the bikes and changed clothes. DH went on his bike to go swim. I had to get my long run in. I ran around the lake and back to camp ground. By then it was getting dark so I grabbed my headlamp and finished up. DH caught up to me and rode his bike along for the last 3 miles.

We forgot the lighter to start the stove for dinner but decided we could both just eat some fruit and crackers. We rode our bikes to the showers, cleaned up and settled back down at camp.

I made a make shift ice bag for my knees. I refilled my water and sat back to blog. It is fairly quiet tonight. Crickets in the background, the occasional dog barking, and some rock music in the distance. Perfect ending to a perfect day.

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•6:38 PM
Great day of family. Son finished 2nd in his age group, 12 years old, age group 15 and under. Neighbor girl finished 1st, same age, same group. Daughter finished 9th in the same age group, 7 years old. She liked the before and the after but thank goodness my husband went with her because she didn't like the middle!

Race started later then it should have and it was already warm. A strange wind blew in our faces no matter the direction we turned. The course was fairly flat, only one chance for water, easy turns, and only one bad section of road. Only three age groups which I thought was weird, 15 and under, 6 to 55, and over 55. First time race directors and organizers.

We went to IHOP after and had a good time laughing about the race. Or neighbor girl's family had gone to watch her run her first race so they went with us. I changed into my compression socks in the bathroom and got some strange looks but who cares?

My aunt from Slowlybutshirleyigo came to take pictures so hopefully she got some good ones. I took some with my phone but they were so blurry.

I got a nap. I am icing and have the stem machine on now. Great day today. Proud of everyone.

Me and my daughter

All the runners except my husband, don't know where he was.

Age group 15 and under male/female 2nd and 1st

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•6:23 AM

Most of the time I have certain things I like to do before a race just like everyone else. I like to get up before everyone else in the house to have some quiet time to take care of myself before everyone else needs me. I like to get the coffee going. I take a cup with me to take an epsom bath. I start with cold water and then go as hot as possible. I like to wash my hair and go with a wet pony tail. I have pandora playing a mix of my favorites that aren't on my ipod or sony earphones. By then my DH is usually awake so we can have chat over coffee, this morning was about TDF.

I lay out several clothing options the night before so deciding is always part of the morning routine. Then its time to get the kids up and get them going. Hopefully we all have time to sit outside for a little bit with another cup of coffee. This morning we will include the dog.

Hopefully a bathroom break will occur before time to get in the car and can be part of the at home routine and not a find a gas station NOW routine.

It's my daughter's first race and the neighbor girl that I have been training will run her first race today also. My DH is running with my daughter and my son is running with the neighbor. I am going alone. It's a flat, ugly course so the mind will need some discipline to stay attentive.

Music and Garmin are charged as part of the pre-race. Extra ipods were charging all over the house. Watches are set with intervals and paces.

Ugh, just remembered I didn't put my son's clothes in the dryer. The race begins early!

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•10:34 AM
Feeling 100% better this morning. Using a vacation day, slept in, and then ran. Didn't like the scale much this morning but I know about that and am constantly working on it. Dealing with hormones has added to that woe but we won't get in to that here.

My daughter rode her bike with me for the first 1.5 miles. I made the mistake of running by the house for water and she saw her escape route! It was already fairly warm when we ran and I am dealing with cotton mouth from the medicine so the water was necessary. Plus 1.5 is probably good enough for her. I had some company on my run and I had some peace.

Last night a neighbor didn't stop their dog from chasing us. This morning I had the same trouble. The dog running and snarling, barking and lunging at me meanwhile the owner screaming his name, saying he won't bite, he won't bite. I had run to the end of the block where i had seen some construction workers. I grabbed the bed of their truck ready to jump in when the dog finally turned around and went home.

So here is my question for the day...if the owner is screaming at the dog but not moving towards the dog or not trying to get the dog back in the yard, other then screaming, can I spray the dog with my HALT spray?

5k tomorrow within 20 miles. Can't pass that up!

Beau or Bo (?) my running partner in training is at my feet. He can't run with me yet but he loves to like the salty sweat off my legs when I get back! No one in my family would let me name him "Pre"!

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We are back on the road again. It has been a long week of recovery from this sickness. I haven't felt up to my running workouts so I have stuck with the bike. Tonight I had to force myself back out there. I was worried that I couldn't do it anymore. I know, it's all in my head but that's how I felt after a week of this crud. I finally felt clear headed today, my joints didn't hurt, and the headache was finally gone. I was going to go running this evening but I sat down to watch a little bit of the TDF and the next thing I knew it was 2 hours later and I had been sleeping again. I guess my body is still try to recover.

So finally I made it out a little before 10. We have a 5k this weekend and my daughter is entered. This will be her first 5k. She wanted to run with me tonight to decide if she was going to run with me or walk with my sister. She wanted to take a water bottle so I gave her one of my new handhelds. She was complaining about her side hurting at 1 mile and asked if I could hold the bottle while she tied her shoe. She had already finished the whole bottle of water. No wonder her side was hurting. Don't know what she will do on Saturday but at this point, her main concern is whether or not she should wear a headband or a visor. She thinks she will probably go with the sparkly headband.

She is a woot. She wanted to take two pictures for tonight's blog. One with a smile with teeth showing like me and one without. She choose the one on top because her teeth just looked ridiculous. I told her I was just glad to be on the road again and didn't care how we looked!

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I think I may survive. I left work early again due to signs of an impending migraine. Drove home with the blurred vision and auras but made it before the pain hit. Haven't had one of those since we lived in North Texas and my someone would have to drive me to dr for shots. Wasn't sure what I was going to do today since I don't have a dr here for migraine and the hospital is ill equipped. Just came home and went to bed praying for the best. When the sound of the air conditioner bothers you, its usually a bad sign.

But 2 hours later my husband woke me up to check on me and the pain was better. The dizziness lingered but the blurred vision and auras were gone. Thank goodness. Really feel blessed when I can avoid the full blown pain of a migraine. Wondering if this cold/flu and headache are food related allergies, ear infections, or sinus. Either way, I am on an antibiotic and on the road to living.

As promised I did not run so that puts me another long run behind in training. I will see if I can shuffle my days around and get it in but am really thinking the rest was needed and will probably win out. Since I didn't run today either that puts me behind two runs in the last three days for a total of 9 miles. I did ride my bike with the kids this morning when they did their two miles (Sunshine and the neighbor girls are getting ready for cross country).

I even felt good enough tonight to tackle some laundry and straighten my daughter's room. We have too much junk. I also gave my husband's dog a bath. That's pretty easy because she loves water so you just have to spray her with soap and turn on the water hose or sprinkler. After a few minutes rinse her off and brush her out. She isn't liking the new puppy much but is tolerating him more everyday.

I am exhausted now so will be heading back to my bed. As I read back through this, it is a ramble of sorts but maybe you will forgive the fever talking!

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I am still sick. We went to the water park yesterday. I slept in the chairs. Today I slept until noon then took a four hour nap. I know my body needs the rest. I don't know what else to do. I am taking medicine. I am sleeping. I am drinking my liquids. Tomorrow I will start my antibiotics. I will not run until my fever has broken and my head is not pounding. I promise.

Until then my daughter has taken over the puppy. My husband is cooking diner. The boys are doing laundry. Hopefully we will all survive my being sick!

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•6:54 AM

I am sick today. Knew yesterday that I was getting something because I was freezing all day. Came home from work early and took a nap. Just felt achy, cold, then feverish. Couldn't sleep last night but knew I had 6 miles on the schedule. I was going to loop back around after 4 and pick up Sunshine but he hadn't sleep good last night either. He had no desire to get out of bed.  Baby girl had wanted to go last night but she wasn't getting out of bed either.

After blowing my nose 5000 times I decided I better hold off on my 6 until tomorrow. We are supposed to go to the water park today. Don't know how that will all work out. I took some medicine so hopefully it will dry me out.

So instead of running I have been on the porch, drinking coffee with my running buddy in training. This was also my reward for my weight loss.

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•6:53 PM
Come on now, not that kind of hot. This kind of hot...

It was hot today. Not the 100s we had at the first of the month but 25 degrees warmer then the run yesterday. I took my fuel belt hand held water bottle and it wasn't enough. Just on three miles I got really hot and thirsty. I was on the roads the whole time so that makes it a little worse. Not feeling as good as yesterday but got the miles in.

I had two dog problems today. One dog was just on a long chain in his front yard. Of course I couldn't tell that when he was lunging at me and barking. The 2nd was a little bitty dog which in my experience are often worse. He caused me to take a little detour through the softball field. I am sure it would all be comical to watch on you tube.

Two other things I thought about on my run. One, would it be wrong for me to take apricots from a tree that is so full it's branches are weighed down? Meanwhile, apricots are rotting in the street underneath it. Second thing: if you are watering your yard with a water hose, would it be okay for me to ask you to fill up my water bottle? (what if the hose is just laying in the yard running with no one around?) You should be proud that I didn't do either but if I did...

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Hello from marathon training headquarters. Every run so far begins and ends in my front yard. Today's background is noticeable different due to the rain clouds. A terrible storm was showing on the horizon so I had to hustle to get this workout in. My digital calendar showed 3 miles but my training poster showed 4. Actually none of that is true because that was all from yesterday. Today actually showed Rest. But due to a super long board meeting last night, I wasn't able to run yesterday's distance. So anyway, I went with 4 plus 4 hill repeats.

Like always, I was hating the first mile. My phone gps wasn't agreeing with what I knew to be a measured course. That was frustrating. But I stuck with the measured distance. I made 3.5 then did my hill repeats and then headed home. I was able to snap a quick photo and then sit on the front porch to type this.

Wednesday nights don't usually include time for a run but "Sunshine" was sick so we stayed home from church.

I will include another view of the sky just because we are in such terrible drought conditions that rain on the horizon is a wonderful sight.

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•4:30 PM

Today was day one of marathon training. I also happened to have the day off. I love sleep, love it. But I didn't want to sleep too late and miss the coolness of the morning, cool meaning under 90 degrees. I found this great running skirt at a sidewalk sale on Saturday and couldn't wait to try it out. I was going to stay on the park trail today so I threw on my running shoes, grabbed one of my handheld water bottles and took off. I know the course well so I ran with out my watch or garmin, also no music. It was windy but not too bad. I ran 1/2 mile then walked while counting to 60, then another half mile. I did an out and back course. Had a little bathroom issue the last 1/2 mile but made it back to the house without incident.

Overall, the run was okay. I had a lot of processed carbs in my system from a weekend of free eating. I have to say, carbs really make me feel bad. My joints ache from them, my stomach hates them, etc... I have to find someway to remember this before I eat them. Knee still a little tender. Hope I can make 18 weeks this time.
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•2:14 PM

We also ran a 5K on Monday called Smoke on the Water. Most everyone was boycotting fireworks this year because of our drought but we managed to talk over 15 of our group into doing this 5K on July 4th. My youngest sister and her office staff were running or walking so the family joined up to go also. It didn't start as early as the Alien so it got a little hot. It was not without drama either. My two sons decided to run with me and my daughter was going to take pictures. We got there plenty early to get our packets, meet up with my aunt who was going to watch K, and check out the course. Things didn't work that way though. Train forgot his shoes so we scrambled around to find a replacement. Sunshine got sick so we had to rush him to a bathroom, only one port a pot at the start. I had a little bit of trouble with my knee so I had decided to wear my knee brace. About one mile in, my calf really started cramping from the brace. Luckily, I saw my brother in law who was driving to watch my sister, so I started to take my brace off to throw to the side. After all those kinks got worked out, the race was on.

This area doesn't put on many (i.e. any) races so I was nervous. Things of concern: 10 blocks of old brick roads, two main intersections that were not patrolled, one water station that was too far from the course with just one man handling it, one port a pot, a narrow sidewalk, and only 100 race shirts. Things that were great: 20 miles from my house, all of my family that was there, flat course, and my mom served French toast after!

Sunshine won his age group, 12 and under. My neice won her age group, 12 and under. My cousin got 2nd in his. I placed in the top 10 in my age group and so did Train. My aunt was there to get great pictures of us all!

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•2:07 PM

The Alien Chase 10K was great. It started early so we beat the heat for the most part. It was the 2nd biggest race this club has ever put on so some things could have been tweaked but I thought it was great. Most of the course was in the shade and the course was fairly level. We ran through an empty drainage ditch so getting in and out of it was the only up/down hill. Some people who had done the race before knew it would echo and started yelling when we went under the roads so that was neat also. JoJo paced me insanely for the first mile but once I slowed down to my pace I did fine. I battled back and forth with one lady until I left her behind. My DH was waiting to help me through the last 1/2 mile so that was nice. My oldest son and my niece had gone to take pictures and support us so that was great. My aunt and uncle ran their first 5K and did well also. We ended up winning two door prizes and had a great breakfast after. It's so nice just being able to do a race all together.

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•6:56 AM
This morning we are heading out for a 5K. Not expecting much because my knee is really sore from the 10K on Saturday. Probably shouldn't be running today but we will see how it goes. I pulled out my Don Joy that I am supposed to be running in anyway and slapped it on. Only problem is my leg has shrunk with my weight loss. You are supposed to be able to wear them still if you have a 10 pound gain or a 10 pound loss, not sure my weight loss falls into that category. But I also don't have an extra $500 to get another one remade.

Anyway, back to the race. My sister, Banana, called me last week and asked if I wanted to do this race. All the people at her office were doing the walk and thought I might like to join up. They were sending in their registration that day and would take mine also. What, a race only 20 miles away, yes, of course I am in! Sign me up! Then word spread through the family and 10 more signed up then 20. Late nights through the weekend have caused some to pull out as did other family emergencies. Who knows who will show up this morning but I know my kids and I are going.

My oldest has a fast goal in mind. My middle child won't commit to his goal. My youngest is convinced she could win the race but we have talked her into pictures on the sidelines because there isn't anyone to run with her. Some cousins are walking, some are run/walking, and some are running. No one is racing, at least not admittedly. A little friendly competition never hurts much.

After the race all the family, I haven't heard the count for this year's reunion but I would guess at least 40 of them, will head back to my aunt's to have my mom's french toast. There is a great debate over cinnamon and sugar or syrup. We think one slice is anywhere from 300-700 calories so at least some of us will have a jump start on the calorie burn by having 3 miles under our belts this morning!

Have a great 4th. God bless America.
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•5:44 AM

Today is my first 10k. I have run on some marathon relays where my leg equaled that of a 10k but I have never raced this distance. I am only slightly nervous mainly because of the unknown. The course is unfamiliar. The town is unfamiliar. The racing distance is unfamiliar.

My sister and I were going to run it together. Just something we decided to throw into a family reunion weekend. It's an hour and a half away so not really close but the best we could do. My aunt and uncle joined up with us and we recruited my husband for a little driver/race support. I will be my aunt's first race ever. She is doing the 5k. My oldest son and niece also joined in the road trip.

4:00 came awfully early this morning. I managed to stay in bed for a while but no sleep would come. Now I have my first cup of coffee nearly finished and my blog nearly written.

It's been 80 pounds since I last "raced" at this distance. I can't wait to celebrate both "victories". I got my reward yesterday. It wasn't what I had planned. I swapped my 80 pound and my 100 pound rewards on the reward list. I will let you know what it is in a day or two.

Alien Chase 10K, here we come.

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