Author: Jilligan
•6:56 AM
This morning we are heading out for a 5K. Not expecting much because my knee is really sore from the 10K on Saturday. Probably shouldn't be running today but we will see how it goes. I pulled out my Don Joy that I am supposed to be running in anyway and slapped it on. Only problem is my leg has shrunk with my weight loss. You are supposed to be able to wear them still if you have a 10 pound gain or a 10 pound loss, not sure my weight loss falls into that category. But I also don't have an extra $500 to get another one remade.

Anyway, back to the race. My sister, Banana, called me last week and asked if I wanted to do this race. All the people at her office were doing the walk and thought I might like to join up. They were sending in their registration that day and would take mine also. What, a race only 20 miles away, yes, of course I am in! Sign me up! Then word spread through the family and 10 more signed up then 20. Late nights through the weekend have caused some to pull out as did other family emergencies. Who knows who will show up this morning but I know my kids and I are going.

My oldest has a fast goal in mind. My middle child won't commit to his goal. My youngest is convinced she could win the race but we have talked her into pictures on the sidelines because there isn't anyone to run with her. Some cousins are walking, some are run/walking, and some are running. No one is racing, at least not admittedly. A little friendly competition never hurts much.

After the race all the family, I haven't heard the count for this year's reunion but I would guess at least 40 of them, will head back to my aunt's to have my mom's french toast. There is a great debate over cinnamon and sugar or syrup. We think one slice is anywhere from 300-700 calories so at least some of us will have a jump start on the calorie burn by having 3 miles under our belts this morning!

Have a great 4th. God bless America.
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