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I think I may survive. I left work early again due to signs of an impending migraine. Drove home with the blurred vision and auras but made it before the pain hit. Haven't had one of those since we lived in North Texas and my someone would have to drive me to dr for shots. Wasn't sure what I was going to do today since I don't have a dr here for migraine and the hospital is ill equipped. Just came home and went to bed praying for the best. When the sound of the air conditioner bothers you, its usually a bad sign.

But 2 hours later my husband woke me up to check on me and the pain was better. The dizziness lingered but the blurred vision and auras were gone. Thank goodness. Really feel blessed when I can avoid the full blown pain of a migraine. Wondering if this cold/flu and headache are food related allergies, ear infections, or sinus. Either way, I am on an antibiotic and on the road to living.

As promised I did not run so that puts me another long run behind in training. I will see if I can shuffle my days around and get it in but am really thinking the rest was needed and will probably win out. Since I didn't run today either that puts me behind two runs in the last three days for a total of 9 miles. I did ride my bike with the kids this morning when they did their two miles (Sunshine and the neighbor girls are getting ready for cross country).

I even felt good enough tonight to tackle some laundry and straighten my daughter's room. We have too much junk. I also gave my husband's dog a bath. That's pretty easy because she loves water so you just have to spray her with soap and turn on the water hose or sprinkler. After a few minutes rinse her off and brush her out. She isn't liking the new puppy much but is tolerating him more everyday.

I am exhausted now so will be heading back to my bed. As I read back through this, it is a ramble of sorts but maybe you will forgive the fever talking!

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On July 19, 2011 at 8:07 AM , Jodie said...

I would just forget the 6 miles and the 3 miles and try to get the other two 3 milers in this week, then go for the long run this weekend. If you try to make up those runs and keep up the schedule, you're just asking for trouble.

Get better first, then run. Still have plenty of time, and you're still in a good spot for where we are.