Author: Jilligan
•2:07 PM

The Alien Chase 10K was great. It started early so we beat the heat for the most part. It was the 2nd biggest race this club has ever put on so some things could have been tweaked but I thought it was great. Most of the course was in the shade and the course was fairly level. We ran through an empty drainage ditch so getting in and out of it was the only up/down hill. Some people who had done the race before knew it would echo and started yelling when we went under the roads so that was neat also. JoJo paced me insanely for the first mile but once I slowed down to my pace I did fine. I battled back and forth with one lady until I left her behind. My DH was waiting to help me through the last 1/2 mile so that was nice. My oldest son and my niece had gone to take pictures and support us so that was great. My aunt and uncle ran their first 5K and did well also. We ended up winning two door prizes and had a great breakfast after. It's so nice just being able to do a race all together.

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On July 7, 2011 at 5:36 PM , Jo Lynn said...

You look awesome! Simply awesome. :)