Author: Jilligan
•6:23 AM

Most of the time I have certain things I like to do before a race just like everyone else. I like to get up before everyone else in the house to have some quiet time to take care of myself before everyone else needs me. I like to get the coffee going. I take a cup with me to take an epsom bath. I start with cold water and then go as hot as possible. I like to wash my hair and go with a wet pony tail. I have pandora playing a mix of my favorites that aren't on my ipod or sony earphones. By then my DH is usually awake so we can have chat over coffee, this morning was about TDF.

I lay out several clothing options the night before so deciding is always part of the morning routine. Then its time to get the kids up and get them going. Hopefully we all have time to sit outside for a little bit with another cup of coffee. This morning we will include the dog.

Hopefully a bathroom break will occur before time to get in the car and can be part of the at home routine and not a find a gas station NOW routine.

It's my daughter's first race and the neighbor girl that I have been training will run her first race today also. My DH is running with my daughter and my son is running with the neighbor. I am going alone. It's a flat, ugly course so the mind will need some discipline to stay attentive.

Music and Garmin are charged as part of the pre-race. Extra ipods were charging all over the house. Watches are set with intervals and paces.

Ugh, just remembered I didn't put my son's clothes in the dryer. The race begins early!

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