Author: Jilligan
•11:41 PM

Tomorrow is my last day of vacation. As soon as we could we left town today to head back to the lake. We got the same campsite we had last weekend. It will be crowded later in the weekend due to a fishing derby but tonight it is fairly empty.

The kids helped set up the tents and unload the bikes. Then they put on their swimsuits, grabbed the rafts, and headed to the water. My puppy had his first swim. He was more interested in the new smells along the edge of the water. Tomorrow we will go to a sandy beach and see if he likes that better.

I had almost decided to put my run off but my middle son came out of his tent ready to go. We were going for 3. I felt pretty good at the turn around point so we kept going around the lake instead. That meant a few more hills but I was really feeling good. The hills eventually trashed my quads but we made it back to the campsite. It was 3.5 and it felt great. Again, its amazing what carbs will do for a run. Think I have a plan for that though. We will see in the next few weeks.

It was dark when we ran so no picture tonight but we are staying all weekend so I bet I get some before we leave.

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