Author: Jilligan
•6:49 PM

Hello from marathon training headquarters. Every run so far begins and ends in my front yard. Today's background is noticeable different due to the rain clouds. A terrible storm was showing on the horizon so I had to hustle to get this workout in. My digital calendar showed 3 miles but my training poster showed 4. Actually none of that is true because that was all from yesterday. Today actually showed Rest. But due to a super long board meeting last night, I wasn't able to run yesterday's distance. So anyway, I went with 4 plus 4 hill repeats.

Like always, I was hating the first mile. My phone gps wasn't agreeing with what I knew to be a measured course. That was frustrating. But I stuck with the measured distance. I made 3.5 then did my hill repeats and then headed home. I was able to snap a quick photo and then sit on the front porch to type this.

Wednesday nights don't usually include time for a run but "Sunshine" was sick so we stayed home from church.

I will include another view of the sky just because we are in such terrible drought conditions that rain on the horizon is a wonderful sight.

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