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•10:12 PM
12 weeks to 40.  Yikes.  Working my plan and I will be where I want to be when 40 gets to me.  It is a tough plan but it is workable. 

Where did the time go?

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•7:38 AM
Go Jill, go Jill! I made it to rest day of my 2nd week and so did my daughter. We have gotten all our workouts in and diet has been good for me. We are just trying to focus on healthy eating and exercise with her so it's been great. I wasn't sure how long she would last but today for her reward we are going to buy her some shoes. She has been running in her school shoes which were her basketball shoes(not high tops). They are probably okay but have already been washed several times and been around the playground a few hundred. Hopefully we can agree on the price and the color while still finding her a good running shoe.

I am getting myself a new pair of capri tights. My legs aren't what they used to be and I have enjoyed running in the pair of capri tights that I have. Seems to give me the coverage and the support I need right now. I would love a pair of the compression tights but can only imagine how that would be to get them on.

Today I am celebrating my long week at work and my exercise by relaxing on the porch with coffee in my favorite mug. There is a cool breeze and the temperature is perfect thanks for last night's storms. I started the sprinklers and pulled a few weeds. I have already made pancakes for the guys. Now I get a little me time on the porch before the demands of the day begin.

Except for the flu like feelings in my joints, I have really enjoyed the last few days of working out with my baby girl.

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•12:26 PM

My middle child will be a freshman this year so that means summer workouts for football. He has been kind enough this week to go extra early since we are short a driver due to my oldest being at camp. We live about 10 minutes away from the school in the country which makes it about 20 minutes of drive time. Yesterday's workout only lasted 20 minutes. I had gone out to the pasture to get my run in so I asked my husband to go pick him up when he finished. This worked out yesterday because my husband didn't have to go in to work until a little later. Last night due to a storm, my husband had to work most of the night so I knew I wouldn't be able to count on him for a ride for this morning.

I felt extra brave so I decided to park my car at the school and run in town, yes, where people could see me. I did an out and back run on a little town street. I had to jump to the side, otherwise known as a ditch to avoid some traffic. It was a little muddy due to the rain last night but not too bad. I was able to get almost back to the car when my son called for a ride. I had left the keys for him at the car so it worked out perfectly.

I am not sure I wil be brave enough to do that every day but I sure felt good about it today.

Rearranging my life, one child at a time. But he is worth it!

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•9:42 AM

This blog has a reoccurring theme but I can't apologize for that. It's where I am and it's what's happening to me. I am behind on fitness, health, and weight loss. I am stressed beyond belief. We are struggling as a family but we are still together and working. Lots of things have happened this year that have added to my stress but I know we are all going through something.

I am working on my life. I am working on my stress. I am working towards my goals. I know the path. I know what works. I know how to get there. Stick with me and you will see me make it.