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•10:27 PM

My phone calendar showed a number 3 so all day I have been thinking I had to run 3 miles today. Uh, no, only 2. The 3 had been showing that I had 3 things on my calendar not 3 miles. Wow, either really dumb or overzealous for "punishment". Does that mean my 4 mile run scheduled for Saturday only has to be 3 now? Somebody better check my calendar and let me know what I actually have to do each day. Good grief.

Author: Jilligan
•10:17 PM

This morning I was sick. I didn't get out of bed to workout. I thought I was going to be sick all day. I took medicine. I sucked on lemons. I drank hot tea. I started feeling better this afternoon. Not great but better. I had my snack before I left work thinking I would run when I got home. However when I got home, we went to my daughter's basketball practice, then to eat supper, and then to the grocery store. After putting up the groceries, it was finally time for me to run.

No fever and the ability to breathe made me think I could do it. I got my garmin and my new headphones and off I went. I decided to run in the park because the baseball field lights were on so I could still see pretty well. I headed a mile around the park and half mile back before the lights went out. I then cut across the trail to the road so I would have some light. I got the 2nd half of the 2nd mile in and was feeling great. Either my breathing had settled into a quiet rhythm or my music was loud enough to drown it out.

The last mile was touch and go because of stomach issues. No phone and no kleenex meant I had to make it home. Made it and the garmin didn't stop until I was in the bathroom considering I ran all the way.

My time was slow but my legs and my lungs felt great.  It was a lot farther then 3 miles away from where I was this morning. Thankfully. Glad to be on the road tonight.

Author: Jilligan
•3:08 PM
Today at lunch I was talking to one of my friends about dieting around vacation. I don't remember now where I read or heard this but someone said that as "fat" people we have been on vacation for too long. So maybe, just this one year, we don't get a vacation. We don't get a break from healthy eating and good choices. That doesn't mean you can't eat well on your vacation, it just means don't use it as an excuse to go back to your old unhealthy ways of eating. This thought had been with me earlier in the month when I made myself sick over fair food. Was that the last time I was ever going to be able to purchase those foods? No. Was that the last time I would ever get to eat those foods? No. So why did I need to make myself sick over them? Why did I need to try to eat all of everything I saw or thought I wanted? I didn't. I realized a bite or two of the food would satisfy my craving and not drive me over the edge into carb binge. So what if it was overpriced and I didn't eat everything? No one was going to suffer because of that. But if I continued to eat, I would suffer. So as far as vacation goes, maybe I don't get a food vacation this year. MaybeI won't get one next year. But at least I will be around to enjoy this year and to enjoy next year. Life isn't all about food. If I keep saying it, I will start to believe it sooner or later.
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•8:31 PM
The kids from the neighborhood are all outside playing. The new trampoline is set up for jumping. The sounds of basketballs and baseball bats are being heard throughout the block. My lilacs are blooming and the irises are coming up. It's warm enough for shorts on my runs now and my legs are shaping up enough that I can wear them. ;) The days are getting longer and the sun is staying up for us to play outside. I love this time of year. It's great for family, friends, and fun. I have switched to morning running and am still loving it. Diet is going well and I am feeling good. I hope to see you on the road. Oh and MED 2011 is still going strong, nearly 3 months down.
Author: Jilligan
•8:55 AM
I have forgotten how much I love running in the morning. Years of insomnia, late nights, and other things kept me too tired to get up in the mornings. Now that I am sleeping better I decided to try to drag myself out of bed for a run. Yesterday I was successful so I thought I would try it again today. I didn't get to bed as early last night but I did make it up this morning. It was chilly again and no one wanted to go with me but on my run I went. It feels good to know it is out of the way and nothing will keep me from getting my workout in later, like my son's track meet.

My DH told me last night that we weren't spending enough time together. Um, that's because I am going to bed at a decent hour and not sitting watching tv. Not really spending time together if we are just sitting and watching tv anyway. I thought that but didn't say it. Instead I asked him out on a date. I told him I would take him to the concession stand tonight at the track meet and buy him a hot dog and nachos. I told him we could sit together in the stands and just watch the track meet like high school sweethearts. One kid is running tonight, one is staying at a friends, and the other one will be running around at the track meet. See, almost like a date.

Tomorrow promises to be a full day starting with basketball for my daughter at 9:00, baseball for oldest at 12:00 and 2:30, then back to the gym for middle son's basketball game at 7:00. Better get my run in early again tomorrow.

See you out there.
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•5:50 PM

No matter how much you try you just can't fix stupid. Some people can tolerate stupid but I am not one of those people. Much less stupid with a screechy high pitched voice.

Author: Jilligan
•5:13 PM
My oldest son gave me an amazing compliment this morning. He said that last night at his baseball game he couldn't figure out who was talking to his dad. Then he finally realized it was me. He said he hadn't realized just how much weight I had lost and how different it made me look from a distance. Amazing and heartbreaking all at the same time.

This was good to remember today as when I went to try on clothes. I was able to get into smaller sizes but just couldn't find anything I thought I wanted. I really was hoping to wait a little longer to actually buy clothes but thought I might get some black pants today. Three way mirrors just aren't very friendly.

Oh, well, gotta stick with the positives and keep on working.

Got to run early today because my meetings finished earlier then expected. Now for a meal with family and then church.

Have a good one.
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•1:27 PM
The rattlesnakes are out. Yesterday after I had finished my run I was taking my husband's pickup around to the horse pens. I thought I had run over a tumble weed and was dragging it but my husband starting yelling to keep going. I had stirred up a rattlesnake right where we were parked. The horses were heading towards us because we had grain in the pickup and he was worried they would walk over the snake. I quickly pulled forward and the snake slithered off into the grass.

I had worn a bell tied to my shoes yesterday in hopes of making enough noise to keep everything away. I didn't hear or see any coyotes and didn't see the snake until after I was finished running so maybe the bell worked.

I had really wanted to run outside because I am having pace issues that I think are due to the treadmill. The wind was gusting up to 45 mph. It was nasty out but so worth the run. I got extra resistance training due to the wind. I went at least 1 1/2 miles in to it and then 1 1/2 miles with it blowing across me. I also tried to ride my bike for a little bit to work on my leg muscles. I love this time of the year minus the wind.

Baseball games today so I will run late either on the treadmill or safely around the neighborhood.

I think I need to look into a pistol that has gps and plays music, maybe even dispenses water. Otherwise I will have too much to carry. Thank goodness I have lost 65 pounds now that I have to carry a pistol on my runs. :)
Author: Jilligan
•10:29 PM

Tonight I was going to mark my little road on our land. I had my gps and a bottle of spray paint. I thought I could run and mark it then come back with my wooden stakes afterwards. Off I went. I decided to mark every 1/2 mile. Going pretty good through the first half mile and then I heard the coyotes. They were off in the distance but not very far.  I got to .82 on my gps when they came after me. Luckily my husband had come to work on the gate so I called to make sure he was still near by. You could hear the coyotes all over the place. Guess the full moon brought them out. I decided I better turn around and head back to the pickup. They followed me for the mile back to the pickup. When I turned to go the last .25 they stopped following me and just kept howling.

I am not sure what to take with me to keep the coyotes away. I have some spray for stray dogs that my DH gave me.  I could take our dogs with me but that might attract them. I turn my music up loud to keep them away. I am open for suggestions.

I love running on my land. I love the road, the sounds, the sights, and the alone time but I don't like the coyotes and the snakes that will be out soon. Maybe I should carry a pistol.

Ha! At least I was able to get my run in. I had to do a little more back and forth then I wanted but oh well, better then being eaten by a coyote. Wonder if they would have attacked me? Glad I didn't find out.

I did get the course marked. Come on over for a run. See you on the road.

Author: Jilligan
•9:10 AM
In the past Spring Break has involved some kind of a race. This year due to complicated schedules, injuries, and lack of team members, there will be no race involved. There have been races of other sorts though. We have raced to get the pig in the barn. We have raced to get to the stock show. We have raced to get through the rain to the food tents. We raced to get back to the mutton bustin' in time. We have raced upstairs (okay, the kids have). We raced to get in the car first. "Last one in is a rotten egg, first one has to eat it" You get the picture.

We have had fun. We picked strawberries one day and went to a produce market. Fresh fried pies like my grandma made were the best find there. The kids rode the carnival rides in the rain. They loved it and there were no crowds. TJ showed his pig. Landon rode the sheep. The kids had to go to Build a Bear, it's a spring break tradition according to Kallie. We haven't been to Kemah yet but maybe today.

Tonight is the rodeo and Miranda Lambert concert. Tomorrow Zac Brown Band. We are thinking of going home tomorrow so DH can save at least one day of vacation. Who knows?

My oldest son had to stay home this year. No spring break for him because of varsity baseball. He is staying with my mom who tried to spoil him. I think she forgot how rotten teenagers can be so it's taking more spoiling then expected. JK! I think he is doing alot of sleeping. We will be able to get home now in time to see one of his baseball games over spring break. That's exciting.

And my final announcement regarding spring break...I bought a car. It's a small SUV with 3rd row seating. The kids are always wanting to take a friend somewhere and we never have room. Now we do. Maybe at least for a couple of friends. It is used but only has 7600 miles. Leather seats! Today I need to go get a few accessories for it. Like a running sticker for the window, a cd holder for the visor, and sun shields for the front dash. I have gotten to drive it much cause TJ and Kip took it last night. Very proud and thankful that I was able to get something so nice.

Good vacation so far. Wonder what today will hold?
Author: Jilligan
•6:04 PM
We have some land outside of town that we hope to build a home on some day. It has a nice caliche road through it that measures 1.5 miles. It was windy today but I wanted to be out in the open. My daughter has a playground that we built out there and we recently planted some grass around it for her. My DH was off so we all headed out to "the ranch". I knew I could get my run in and they could play while they watered the grass. It was windy today, gust of 45 and a little cool but not too bad. I went in shorts and sleeveless. Needed a jacket at the beginning but was okay pretty quickly. The direction I choose allowed me to avoid battling the wind head on for most of the run.

I had some music playing but I can't even tell you any of the songs. I am a downlooker when it comes to running and I was really trying to pay attention to the road today to keep from falling or twisting anything. However, we have herd of deer on the land sometimes so I wanted to keep an eye out for them also. I didn't see them today but did see their tracks. The horses were also up close to the road but they left me alone. They tend to look at me just long enough to see if I have feed or a halter in my hand. Then they know whether they need to run from me or not!

I really want to get back to morning running. I am always having to battle something in the evening to get my run in. When I was working out in the morning, I had it over and done with before anyone else even got up. I am going to try to go to bed early the rest of this week and see if I can get back in the morning habit.

Oh, on the weight front...the scale and I are BFFs today. Things are moving along.

See you on the road!
Author: Jilligan
•8:49 PM
It's nice to live in a small, relatively safe town. I had opted for the afternoon nap today so my long run was going to be an evening event. We hadn't stayed for church tonight due to a meeting my husband had so I was able to get the nap and the run in without rushing. I love being outside so much more then the treadmill but not always sure of my stamina. I was going to do the mile route near my house repeatedly but after the first 1/2 mile, felt adventurous. I broadened my loop and still feeling even more adventurous, decided for an out and back approach.

The size of the town allows me to make it nearly one side to the other in about 3 miles depending on the route. I knew my husband was on the other side of town if I needed him to pick me up. The kids were safe at home so I kept going. The route I choice probably had too many hills for this early in training but it was the safest. I like being out at different times of the day. When we used to run in the morning we could tell the times by sights and smells, like coffee or laundry, newspaper delivery, etc. At night, it's different but still as interesting. TV through the windows, supper cooking, sometimes a fire burning, kids outside in the yards, music blaring, or cookouts. I love being an observer of the town.

I made it to a so called fork in the road: either turn back to go home or head to my husband's meeting and get a ride back. Both would allow me to finish the workout that was planned. I opted to head to meet up with my husband after calling to make sure he would still be there. This allowed me to run down the main street of the town. The sidewalks are wide and flat. I could get right up next to the shop windows, most of which are closed permanently. Just another view of the town.

I made it to the meeting place, grabbed some ice and some water. Then I checked in with my sister for the accountability of the workout. I had a few minutes to wait on DH before heading back into parenthood and life. And then just as quickly my few minutes of me time was over. The kids were hungry and fighting with each other. The pig needed to be walked and feed. Groceries needed to be bought. Laundry needed to be put up.

But for a few minutes tonight, nearly a whole hour, I was able to do like one of my favorite shirts reads, "I RUN this town."
Author: Jilligan
•4:40 PM
I had a nice interesting post about the joys of running shoe shopping in the plains of Texas but I inadvertently deleted it instead of posting it. Okay, maybe it wasn't that interesting. Here's the long and short of it. I ordered shoes online from RRS through Amazon but they were back ordered so long the order was cancelled. I was excited because even though they were men's shoes, they were colorful enough to look sort of feminine. My feet are too big for women's shoes.

There is no where to try on good shoes in this area so you are pretty much left to fend for yourself. Occasionally I bug the salespeople while I try on every pair in the store looking for something comfortable and that doesn't rub in the wrong places. It takes me awhile to work through my list and decide on something.

This week I was feeling desperate for shoes. I went back to a style I had worn before. A style that was cheaper in the line, but one that I had completed 1/2 marathons in and a few other races. This was also the pair I had a "stress fracture" in. Yes, a love/hate relationship. Similar to the one I actually have with running. It seems like a perfect fit. The color was great. A blue similar to a trailer house I once lived in. A blue similar to my current school color which comes in handy when you can retire them and wear them on Fridays. The price allowed me to have enough left over out of what I wanted to spend that I could buy them over again if I wanted to.

I have run in them twice. Pretty good so far. I have been on the treadmill both times in case I decided to take them back.

I always loved getting new shoes as a child and loved getting them for my kids. There is nothing like a new pair of running shoes to make you feel fast and light, quick on your feet. They don't make you look fat and they don't make you feel bad about the size you need. They come in lots of great colors and they feel good when you put them on.

They make me feel like a runner. I will not let them down.
Author: Jilligan
•9:06 PM

Once people start noticing that you have lost weight they start to say crazy things. Of course no one would ever say anything to you about gaining weight but they sure feel like they can say something if you have lost weight.

Some don't know what it is that's different so they might say something about your hair or something stupid about new makeup. Others just come right out and ask how much you have lost.

Well let me just say, my hair has been pretty much the same most of my adult life except that I have more gray now. So tonight when you said, "I like what you've done to your hair."-FAIL

Or when you said, "You have lost a lot of weight, I mean a lot." I thought it was rude. But when you had the nerve to ask me how much, I really thought it was rude.

Or how about asking who was with my husband. Yep, it was me. (With my same hair and my same face)

There are also some people who want to know the secret. Um, not eating and exercising is a start. But if you really want to know and I really tell you, then don't tell me that won't ever work. Because remember you were just going on and on about how much weight I had lost on a plan you said won't work.

I have had lots of sincere compliments and lots of praise for my accomplishments but it is amazing to me the number of backbiting, snide, jealous comments I have heard also.

Thanks to those of you that have been sincere. And to those of you that haven't, I am pretty sure you will get what's coming to you if you haven't already. But how dare you try to make me feel bad about the good things I have done for myself.

Author: Jilligan
•10:58 PM

Just have a few minutes to stop and take a breather. Basketball playoffs are in full swing, headed to regional tournament this weekend. Baseball is going great. Tournament this weekend. Stock show is coming up during spring break and pig is looking good. Trying to get everyones plans worked out for all the things they have to do.

Getting my streaking in everyday. Slowly making running part of my life again. Don't want to move too fast because I don't want to deal with injuries. I am loving it. Diet is going great. Goals are being reached and new ones being set. Think I will easily (?) make my summer goal.

Life is full and crazy but life is good. Conference for the next two days so lots of sitting and listening. Hope your life is full and happy also.