Author: Jilligan
•6:04 PM
We have some land outside of town that we hope to build a home on some day. It has a nice caliche road through it that measures 1.5 miles. It was windy today but I wanted to be out in the open. My daughter has a playground that we built out there and we recently planted some grass around it for her. My DH was off so we all headed out to "the ranch". I knew I could get my run in and they could play while they watered the grass. It was windy today, gust of 45 and a little cool but not too bad. I went in shorts and sleeveless. Needed a jacket at the beginning but was okay pretty quickly. The direction I choose allowed me to avoid battling the wind head on for most of the run.

I had some music playing but I can't even tell you any of the songs. I am a downlooker when it comes to running and I was really trying to pay attention to the road today to keep from falling or twisting anything. However, we have herd of deer on the land sometimes so I wanted to keep an eye out for them also. I didn't see them today but did see their tracks. The horses were also up close to the road but they left me alone. They tend to look at me just long enough to see if I have feed or a halter in my hand. Then they know whether they need to run from me or not!

I really want to get back to morning running. I am always having to battle something in the evening to get my run in. When I was working out in the morning, I had it over and done with before anyone else even got up. I am going to try to go to bed early the rest of this week and see if I can get back in the morning habit.

Oh, on the weight front...the scale and I are BFFs today. Things are moving along.

See you on the road!
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