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•9:10 AM
In the past Spring Break has involved some kind of a race. This year due to complicated schedules, injuries, and lack of team members, there will be no race involved. There have been races of other sorts though. We have raced to get the pig in the barn. We have raced to get to the stock show. We have raced to get through the rain to the food tents. We raced to get back to the mutton bustin' in time. We have raced upstairs (okay, the kids have). We raced to get in the car first. "Last one in is a rotten egg, first one has to eat it" You get the picture.

We have had fun. We picked strawberries one day and went to a produce market. Fresh fried pies like my grandma made were the best find there. The kids rode the carnival rides in the rain. They loved it and there were no crowds. TJ showed his pig. Landon rode the sheep. The kids had to go to Build a Bear, it's a spring break tradition according to Kallie. We haven't been to Kemah yet but maybe today.

Tonight is the rodeo and Miranda Lambert concert. Tomorrow Zac Brown Band. We are thinking of going home tomorrow so DH can save at least one day of vacation. Who knows?

My oldest son had to stay home this year. No spring break for him because of varsity baseball. He is staying with my mom who tried to spoil him. I think she forgot how rotten teenagers can be so it's taking more spoiling then expected. JK! I think he is doing alot of sleeping. We will be able to get home now in time to see one of his baseball games over spring break. That's exciting.

And my final announcement regarding spring break...I bought a car. It's a small SUV with 3rd row seating. The kids are always wanting to take a friend somewhere and we never have room. Now we do. Maybe at least for a couple of friends. It is used but only has 7600 miles. Leather seats! Today I need to go get a few accessories for it. Like a running sticker for the window, a cd holder for the visor, and sun shields for the front dash. I have gotten to drive it much cause TJ and Kip took it last night. Very proud and thankful that I was able to get something so nice.

Good vacation so far. Wonder what today will hold?
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On March 16, 2011 at 9:40 AM , Mel said...

So glad you are having a fun Spring Break! Congrats on the car.

On March 16, 2011 at 12:55 PM , Jodie said...

Glad you guys got to come. Hopefully we'll all be back on track for the run next year.

And LOVE your car! Hope you find neat things today.