Author: Jilligan
•3:08 PM
Today at lunch I was talking to one of my friends about dieting around vacation. I don't remember now where I read or heard this but someone said that as "fat" people we have been on vacation for too long. So maybe, just this one year, we don't get a vacation. We don't get a break from healthy eating and good choices. That doesn't mean you can't eat well on your vacation, it just means don't use it as an excuse to go back to your old unhealthy ways of eating. This thought had been with me earlier in the month when I made myself sick over fair food. Was that the last time I was ever going to be able to purchase those foods? No. Was that the last time I would ever get to eat those foods? No. So why did I need to make myself sick over them? Why did I need to try to eat all of everything I saw or thought I wanted? I didn't. I realized a bite or two of the food would satisfy my craving and not drive me over the edge into carb binge. So what if it was overpriced and I didn't eat everything? No one was going to suffer because of that. But if I continued to eat, I would suffer. So as far as vacation goes, maybe I don't get a food vacation this year. MaybeI won't get one next year. But at least I will be around to enjoy this year and to enjoy next year. Life isn't all about food. If I keep saying it, I will start to believe it sooner or later.
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On March 28, 2011 at 6:42 PM , Jo Lynn said...

Also remember - it's not what you eat on vacation that makes you "fat", it's what you eat between your vacations!