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•8:49 PM
It's nice to live in a small, relatively safe town. I had opted for the afternoon nap today so my long run was going to be an evening event. We hadn't stayed for church tonight due to a meeting my husband had so I was able to get the nap and the run in without rushing. I love being outside so much more then the treadmill but not always sure of my stamina. I was going to do the mile route near my house repeatedly but after the first 1/2 mile, felt adventurous. I broadened my loop and still feeling even more adventurous, decided for an out and back approach.

The size of the town allows me to make it nearly one side to the other in about 3 miles depending on the route. I knew my husband was on the other side of town if I needed him to pick me up. The kids were safe at home so I kept going. The route I choice probably had too many hills for this early in training but it was the safest. I like being out at different times of the day. When we used to run in the morning we could tell the times by sights and smells, like coffee or laundry, newspaper delivery, etc. At night, it's different but still as interesting. TV through the windows, supper cooking, sometimes a fire burning, kids outside in the yards, music blaring, or cookouts. I love being an observer of the town.

I made it to a so called fork in the road: either turn back to go home or head to my husband's meeting and get a ride back. Both would allow me to finish the workout that was planned. I opted to head to meet up with my husband after calling to make sure he would still be there. This allowed me to run down the main street of the town. The sidewalks are wide and flat. I could get right up next to the shop windows, most of which are closed permanently. Just another view of the town.

I made it to the meeting place, grabbed some ice and some water. Then I checked in with my sister for the accountability of the workout. I had a few minutes to wait on DH before heading back into parenthood and life. And then just as quickly my few minutes of me time was over. The kids were hungry and fighting with each other. The pig needed to be walked and feed. Groceries needed to be bought. Laundry needed to be put up.

But for a few minutes tonight, nearly a whole hour, I was able to do like one of my favorite shirts reads, "I RUN this town."
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On March 7, 2011 at 7:37 AM , sandra said...

Loved the 'tour'.

On March 7, 2011 at 12:57 PM , Jodie said...

Love having our "me" time back. Glad you got your run in....and that's its startign to get nice enough to run outside. Just think, in one more week, it's daylight savings and it should be easier (safer) to run outside!

Great job!