Author: Jilligan
•7:48 PM
Week two has officially started. Trev started xc practice this morning so we had to be up and at 'em early. I dropped him off at school at 7:00 and headed to work. Kip was stuck with getting Kallie ready but said he had no problem.

We are doing a new workout-P90X. We are on day two and let's just say I wish I could pee standing up. My legs are pretty, really, extremely, unbelievable sore. Completely different from running, that's for sure.

My eating has been clean for two days. Two days, you say? Well, it has been pretty bad for a while. I gained all my weight back so I am starting right where I was last year at this time. A blog I read really hit home. It said something to the effect that you wouldn't want to stay in a relationship when someone was abusing you yet we stay in these unhealthy relationships with ourselves all the time. So I am trying to keep self promises. I am also trying to make myself important. It all got me to thinking that if people look at me and clearly see that I don't value myself much why should they place any value on me either. All this being said, I am going to try to work harder and get back to a place I like being.

Hope you are there when I get to that place.