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•1:39 PM

I emailed Skirt Sports to see if there was anything I could do about the seam in the skirt and they are sending me a replacement. Go customer service. Thanks to Mia Somers and Skirt Sports I can continue my love affair with running skirts.

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•7:38 PM

Tonight's run was about trying new things. I tried some new socks and my new running skirt. My DH is busy with the "kids' project" so I had Kallie. She had a friend over so treadmill it is(was).

I was concerned about the socks because they were thicker than I usually wear. But...I...loved...them! Probably a little warm for anything in the summer but they felt good. I liked the extra cushion.

The skirt is a different story. I loved the look and the fit. The compression shorts fit great and stayed in place. The bad thing and nearly unbearable was the seam in the crotch. OMG. May try to wash it again and use fabric softner. Otherwise it will be for looks only.

Other then that everything else was great. Lungs, legs, and mind all worked together to get me through. I am really liking this running business.

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•9:39 PM

This morning I got up to run, got on the scale, and went back to bed. 1 1/2 hours later the scale was friendlier but the morning was gone so the run got pushed to tonight. It was just 4 miles but I was nervous about my legs since I had my long run yesterday and no rest day between. Thighs were a little sore starting out but otherwise felt fine. I ran 3.5 and then met up with my daughter. She was wearing boots. We walked the last .5 together. It's amazing that a run of this length is nothing to me. It felt good to be able to do it without any problems. Running is feeling good. I almost enjoyed even the first mile.

No pictures from tonight's run because the phone service has been spotty today so I didn't even carry my phone. Instead I will give you a picture of my ghetto marathon shirt that I had made at the fair.

You can be jealous. The back has my name on it.

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•8:17 AM

Last week after my run I thought I was extremely sore. I ached all night. Even the sheets hurt me. When I was still achy and feling bad the next day, I decided I must have gotten a flu bug or something. Chest hurt, feverish, achy, etc. I took the week off from running and spent a lot of time walking.

So yesterday was really the first run since the long run on Sunday.  I ran 4 miles back and forth across the golf course during the boys and girls XC meet. I was proud about that in and of itself because I could do it and I wasn't winded.

Today was 16. I started at 5:00 this morning and at 52 degrees. Long sleeve shirt and tights, reflection gear! I had one bathroom break and carried my hand held water bottle. I had one pkg of shot blocks.  I stayed with my 3/1 intervals the whole way and never needed an extra walking break. It was a good running day.

Longest run ever. Never made it this far during the last marathon training. It ended with a stress fracture. Things are looking good. Time to fully dedicate myself and finish this.

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•2:03 PM
Cross Country Meet

Sept 2011

Sept 2011, The Girls

Sept 2011, The Kids

Sept 2011, The Men

Sept 2011
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•8:50 PM

I was kind of complaining to my DH about not having anywhere exciting to run. This weekend I had 15 miles on schedule. Due to a CC meet, nap, and wedding, I didn't get it done yesterday. On the way home from church DH and I were trying to think of somewhere to run. I didn't want to run around the school (my .5 route) 30 times and I didn't want to run the park (2 mile route) over and over.

I hadn't been to our ranch in a long time so I thought I would run the park and then out to the ranch. It took me 3 miles to get out there. I was cresting the first hill when I saw this:

22 mule deer. They saw me about the same time. By the time I got my camera out of the camelbak, they had started to move away.

They stayed close and split into two herds. One set crossed the road in front of me.

When I turned the corner I was watching the other group and didn't notice the buck standing right beside me on the other side of the road. He took off pretty fast but I got one shot of him. The camera wouldn't zoom in before he ran off though.

So I didn't know I had it so good. How many people can say they saw a herd of 22 deer and 1 buck on their 15 mile run.

I ran the ranch a few times and headed back towards town at 11 miles. I called for a ride at 13 cause it was too dark. I was going to finish when I got home but I was too stiff when I got out of the car. Called it quits at 13. Every long run from here on out will be my longest training run ever.

No stomach issues today as far as the bathroom but had some trouble with an acidic feeling from not enough calories. It's all a work in progress.

I don't think the pictures will post in the blog in order but I hope you can get the idea.

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•9:32 PM
Cooler temperatures moved in with some moisture.  This morning I didn't get up to run my 4 miles because it was lightning.  Then it got really cold and while I was sitting outside at my son's football game, I got really stiff.  Thank goodness Jo challenged me to walking 12000 steps a day so I did get in my MED.  I will not get in my run.  Tomorrow is a rest day so I will push today's run to tomorrow.  I have my warm clothes ready and am actually looking forward to a cool run.  I know my lungs will burn.  I know my eyes will water.  I know my nose will drip.  But I also know that I am alive, I am healthier, I am lighter, and oh, I will be older. 
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•6:10 AM
The good news is my run this morning felt.  Great.  Nothing hurt, nothing wanted to quit, and I kept my head up.  I am hoping that will help with strange soreness I am having in my back after running.  Also it's so much easier to breath when you are looking up.  Of course, I scanned the ground.  Running alone in the morning, I can't pull a "mary ann" and fall.  No one would find me until the kids started coming to school and they might think I was just another animal on the playground to climb on.  (And M.A., I only said that because I know you are stalking this blog right now)

The bad news is that somewhere on a run I lost my butt.  This morning I put on one of my favorite running skirts and I couldn't keep the panties in place.  I haven't been drying my running clothes so I know it wasn't the dryer's fault.  I couldn't hardly believe it and once even stopped to make sure I hadn't put the dumb thing on backwards.  Nope, it was right.  Just lost my butt.  Oh well, that's one thing I have lost that I won't be looking for.  I think I still have plenty and may just have to go down a size in running skirts from this company.

The ugly...well, what could have been.  Can you imagine if I had fallen and my underwear weren't in place?

At least I made you laugh, maybe?  Have a good day.  Glad to have my mileage for the day out of the way.  Board meeting tonight but I may try to pull a double run day if I don't get home too late.
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•6:35 AM

It's time to bring the focus back to me. I have allowed the stress of the past few weeks tough decisions to overshadow my goals. Any decisions we make as a family should contribute to my goals not take away from them. I did that to myself. I stopped making myself important.

Here's what I am going to do to get back on track: give up soda (again), run in the mornings, actually drink water, and lose this last 20 pounds. I started this morning with a 4 mile run and half mile walk with the dogs. I will not stop for my 44 oz this morning and I will not go to the soda vending machine. These may seem like little things but these are addictions. I need to become addicted to running again. I need to become addicted to myself! I need to withdraw from my other addictions.

I have done it before and I can do it again.

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•4:53 PM
Tomorrow my DH starts a new job. Friday my DD started a new school. Sometime in the near future the boys will change schools and we will move. My job will not change. Change is good but the unknown is scary for everyone. We hope we have made a decision that will be positive for our family and for each other. We are trying to give our kids a good life, a happy life. We moved here because we thought it would be a better place for our kids to go to school. It was the wrong decision for our oldest son and it has been a miserable time off and on for him over the last 4.5 years. It was a great decision for our middle son. He got lucky. It was a bad decision for my husband. He loves what he does for a living but wasn't happy where he was doing that work. Things were good for a while but due to some unknown reasons, things changed. For me, the last move was a move of indifference for me. I left my nice house and friends. I left my running buddies and my students. But I have made new friends. I advanced in my career. We had access to a stronger church. My daughter doesn't remember where we lived before now. To her, this is the home she knows. She doesn't know we are moving yet. She just thinks she changed schools to be closer to me.

Because we still own a house in the last town we left, we have not been able to buy a house in the town we live in. We are basically paying a huge mortgage on a house someone else gets to live in. We have lived in the house I grew up in. Luckily for us, my mom moved about the time we did so the house was available. It has served us well in the past but it is closing in on me now. I need my own house. This move will force that change.

I am trying not to eat through this stress but I haven't been exercising through it either. I have been withdrawn. I have been sleeping alot. I spend most of the time in my room, in bed. I know it isn't healthy but it's the only way I know how to cope without the food.

Tomorrow is the next step in the process. I hope my husband is happy with his change. I hope we can all be happy again because of it. I hope that we have done something good for our family. Please pray that this will be a positive change that will benefit each and every one of us as well as the new people we will have the opportunity to bring into our lives.

By the way, I am still looking for a running partner. It is getting harder to train for this marathon. The miles are lonely.
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•1:46 PM

Here is my Aunt Shirley's version of the race report. What a great time we had! Can't wait for 24 the Hard Way.

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•9:57 PM
Before the race

After the race with my trophy

Coming up the hill at sunrise

Coming up the hill at sunrise

The beginning at dark:thirty!

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•7:24 PM

A half marathon for $20 can't be beat. It was very small, my cousin told be the smallest marathon in the U.S. This year there were about 50 preregistered for the half and 50 for the full. My aunt was doing the 5k. Since it started at 5:30 and was 2 hours away we went up the night before. Even though there wasn't a prerace pickup Sunday, the RD met us and gave us our numbers and shirts. We drove the course twice. Once with the race map and then once with directions from the RD. We decided on a spot my aunt could park so I could trade out my water. After we thought we had the course figured out, we headed to the hotel and to eat.

This morning we woke up to cool temps but thankfully no wind. We headed out in the dark to start the race. I had planned on running 4/1 but my garmin didn't cooperate. I started getting worried because it hadn't beeped but couldn't see well enough in the dark to know what was going on. I decided to run as far as a I could and then when I had to walk I would try to fix the garmin. I made it 2 miles which happened to be a major turn on to the highway. With my headlamp and a smooth surface I finally felt comfortable enough to fiddle with the watch. I got it going a little after 2 miles which meant it was pretty much good for nothing but intervals and mental math.

I was having serious stomach issues and so was another guy near me. He had gone into the bushes several times and got to the port-a-pot before me. I ran on cause they told us there would be another one at 6 miles. When I met up with my aunt at 5 miles, I grabbed some kleenex, traded waters, and trudged on. I was constantly looking for somewhere suitable for a bathroom. At the 6.5 turnaround, I asked what happened to the 6 mile port-a-pot. It was moved to mile 3. Ugh. I made it back to about 7 miles and used a tree I had seen earlier. It was far enough down the ditch and weedy enough to be out of the way. I prayed for 3 things: no rattlesnakes, no dogs, and the ability to squat. After I squatted, I added the ability to stand up to the prayer. I felt much better after that.

The course was pretty much a solo event. There was one manned water station at the turn around. Every 2 miles there was a case of water with an ice bag on top. The sloshing of my water was annoying to me so I ended up dumping my water and bending over for water once. I had some self doubt at mile 10 and really tried to play the poor little ole me card but there was no one to listen and no one who cared so I had no choice but to keep going. After mile 11, I felt okay again and picked my head up to start watching for the 5kers. I meet up with them at mile 12.5 or so. My aunt and I passed each other with a quick word and I headed to the finish. I got a great turtle for finishing. I bettered my last half by 18 minutes. I ended up 7th in my age group. Officially results will be mailed.

My aunt bettered her time by 3 minutes. Each race is not chip timed. It took me about 3 minutes to cross the start and it took her at least 5. We waited for door prizes but didn't win. Then we headed to the breakfast buffet.

We had a great time with lots of laughing. I am pretty sore but I think the 2 hour drive has a lot to do with that. I told my aunt racing was like childbirth and we would soon forget the bad parts of tyis run and be ready to race again. My pictures include a view from the side of the road which is how it looked from miles 2 to 10, a view back in to town from the 6.55 turnaround, the ugliest race shirt ever, and my turtle.

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•12:02 PM

Repeating the same but expecting different results.

I slept in with the promise of cooler temps on the horizon. I wanted to get 3-4 miles in today since my long run will be the half on Monday. DD was up so here is the insanity part.

"DD, would you like to go run with me?"
"Can I take my bike?"
"No, it's called running for a reason."
"Can we run to McDs?"

Hmmm, I can go the long way around the park and get two miles in before we get there and then get 1-2 miles in depending on how we go home.

"Sure, we can go to McDs but promise you won't whine, cry,or complain."
"Of course, I promise."

Dumb, dumb, dumb. First thing she says, "Mom, we are going the wrong way. McDs is the other direction." And it didn't get better from there.

We have some mountain lions running around town. So far 8 have been spotted. We see a huge cat running towards us and we both freak out. Then we smell a skunk but never saw it. Then DD starts with the crying and whining saying I can just leave her there to die and be eaten by the mountain lions. Please, she could walk faster then I can run.

I try to distract her with questions, math problems, animals, etc. Finally she starts examining the pockets of my handheld water pack. When she comes across a small deal of body glide, she is suddenly chaffed and has to stop to apply some. Finally after 1.5 miles she realizes I am not quitting and she won't get food if she doesn't come along. She makes a comeback at McD until she realizes we have to run home.

Both of us got what we wanted though. I got my run in extra points for dealing with DD. She got breakfast. Neither of us got eaten by the mountain lions.

I also got to wear my other Run Pretty Far shirt. It is great. Here are some pictures of today's events.