Author: Jilligan
•6:10 AM
The good news is my run this morning felt.  Great.  Nothing hurt, nothing wanted to quit, and I kept my head up.  I am hoping that will help with strange soreness I am having in my back after running.  Also it's so much easier to breath when you are looking up.  Of course, I scanned the ground.  Running alone in the morning, I can't pull a "mary ann" and fall.  No one would find me until the kids started coming to school and they might think I was just another animal on the playground to climb on.  (And M.A., I only said that because I know you are stalking this blog right now)

The bad news is that somewhere on a run I lost my butt.  This morning I put on one of my favorite running skirts and I couldn't keep the panties in place.  I haven't been drying my running clothes so I know it wasn't the dryer's fault.  I couldn't hardly believe it and once even stopped to make sure I hadn't put the dumb thing on backwards.  Nope, it was right.  Just lost my butt.  Oh well, that's one thing I have lost that I won't be looking for.  I think I still have plenty and may just have to go down a size in running skirts from this company.

The ugly...well, what could have been.  Can you imagine if I had fallen and my underwear weren't in place?

At least I made you laugh, maybe?  Have a good day.  Glad to have my mileage for the day out of the way.  Board meeting tonight but I may try to pull a double run day if I don't get home too late.
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