Author: Jilligan
•8:17 AM

Last week after my run I thought I was extremely sore. I ached all night. Even the sheets hurt me. When I was still achy and feling bad the next day, I decided I must have gotten a flu bug or something. Chest hurt, feverish, achy, etc. I took the week off from running and spent a lot of time walking.

So yesterday was really the first run since the long run on Sunday.  I ran 4 miles back and forth across the golf course during the boys and girls XC meet. I was proud about that in and of itself because I could do it and I wasn't winded.

Today was 16. I started at 5:00 this morning and at 52 degrees. Long sleeve shirt and tights, reflection gear! I had one bathroom break and carried my hand held water bottle. I had one pkg of shot blocks.  I stayed with my 3/1 intervals the whole way and never needed an extra walking break. It was a good running day.

Longest run ever. Never made it this far during the last marathon training. It ended with a stress fracture. Things are looking good. Time to fully dedicate myself and finish this.

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On September 25, 2011 at 1:12 PM , Jo Lynn said...

Wow. You look great! ;)

On September 26, 2011 at 10:14 AM , Jodie said...

First of all - congratulations! Awesome job. So proud of you! Good job on the 3-1 and the 16 miles.

Second - 52! Tights?!! Wow. I'm so jealous!!