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I was kind of complaining to my DH about not having anywhere exciting to run. This weekend I had 15 miles on schedule. Due to a CC meet, nap, and wedding, I didn't get it done yesterday. On the way home from church DH and I were trying to think of somewhere to run. I didn't want to run around the school (my .5 route) 30 times and I didn't want to run the park (2 mile route) over and over.

I hadn't been to our ranch in a long time so I thought I would run the park and then out to the ranch. It took me 3 miles to get out there. I was cresting the first hill when I saw this:

22 mule deer. They saw me about the same time. By the time I got my camera out of the camelbak, they had started to move away.

They stayed close and split into two herds. One set crossed the road in front of me.

When I turned the corner I was watching the other group and didn't notice the buck standing right beside me on the other side of the road. He took off pretty fast but I got one shot of him. The camera wouldn't zoom in before he ran off though.

So I didn't know I had it so good. How many people can say they saw a herd of 22 deer and 1 buck on their 15 mile run.

I ran the ranch a few times and headed back towards town at 11 miles. I called for a ride at 13 cause it was too dark. I was going to finish when I got home but I was too stiff when I got out of the car. Called it quits at 13. Every long run from here on out will be my longest training run ever.

No stomach issues today as far as the bathroom but had some trouble with an acidic feeling from not enough calories. It's all a work in progress.

I don't think the pictures will post in the blog in order but I hope you can get the idea.

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On September 19, 2011 at 4:51 PM , Jodie said...

Great job on the run! Good for getting out there and finding a new route! Hope you iced and aren't too sore today!