Author: Jilligan
•10:17 PM

This morning I was sick. I didn't get out of bed to workout. I thought I was going to be sick all day. I took medicine. I sucked on lemons. I drank hot tea. I started feeling better this afternoon. Not great but better. I had my snack before I left work thinking I would run when I got home. However when I got home, we went to my daughter's basketball practice, then to eat supper, and then to the grocery store. After putting up the groceries, it was finally time for me to run.

No fever and the ability to breathe made me think I could do it. I got my garmin and my new headphones and off I went. I decided to run in the park because the baseball field lights were on so I could still see pretty well. I headed a mile around the park and half mile back before the lights went out. I then cut across the trail to the road so I would have some light. I got the 2nd half of the 2nd mile in and was feeling great. Either my breathing had settled into a quiet rhythm or my music was loud enough to drown it out.

The last mile was touch and go because of stomach issues. No phone and no kleenex meant I had to make it home. Made it and the garmin didn't stop until I was in the bathroom considering I ran all the way.

My time was slow but my legs and my lungs felt great.  It was a lot farther then 3 miles away from where I was this morning. Thankfully. Glad to be on the road tonight.

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