Author: Jilligan
•10:12 PM

Jo sent me a text picture of her saggy sweaty shorts after her workout. She reminded me that we had 4 on schedule today. I still have dual schedules going on my calendar so I was thinking 3. I have to get that old schedule cleared out.

My daughter went with me for awhile. After two miles, I texted Jo that I had to relieve myself twice. Once in the bathroom and once of Kallie. I went back for the last two by myself. It was a nice run. It's amazing how carbs will help a run. Gotta get this all figured out. Still need to/want to lose some more weight but feel like I will need some carbs to get through the marathon training.

My middle son broke his toe a few weeks ago and re-injured it last night.  He struggled a little bit with it on his run last night. We decided to take the morning off today and give him a few more hours of rest. He ran sprints tonight with a little pain. His running partner quit on him after winning her age group last weekend. Not sure why but glad he is sticking with it.

It was hot so tonight's picture is me begging for water.

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