Author: Jilligan
•7:46 PM
I survived the week. I have been sick again with sinus infection and am on my second round of antibiotics. One of the kids had the stomach bug and missed 4 days of school. Now the DH has it and I am staying away. I think everyone is feeling better tonight and we will hope no one else catches anything for at least 72 hours.

The other thing is work. I am really struggling but hate to complain because so many people are without jobs. My sister told me something this work that has changed my outlook though. She said if I liked the money or needed the money then concentrate on the things I did like about my job. But if I didn't need the money, quit and go to work at Wal-Mart. Been there, done that. So that being said, there are lots of things I love about my job so I am trying to work through the rest of it and get over myself. I have made some good friends there and that's always nice.

As far as the WOE goes I am still doing pretty good. I have lost 12 pounds this round and am on week 5. I didn't have my journal one day and got messed up on the types of days so I have been trying to play catch up since then. I have been dealing with cravings this week and need to find something to do about that. More water maybe?

Exercise is going well also. I am on track with my 1/2 marathon training despite knee surgery 3 months ago. I am not looking for a PR just a finish so that takes pressure off. I am a little concerned about Seabrook over spring break but it will all work out.

Going to bed early again tonight so I can finish beating this sinus infection. I am not a fan of snot so I am hoping to be able to run again in the next few days without snot rockets!
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On February 20, 2009 at 4:58 PM , Laura N said...

hey girl! I'm glad you commented on my blog this week. It's been ages since I've been over here.

You are doing really well! I started the crack diet this week, I'm on day 3. When do you start your round over--next week? And when's your 1/2? I'm supposed to be training and have done squat this week. Seriously have to kick it up a notch. Keep me posted!

Enjoy your weekend, girl.