Author: Jilligan
•6:00 PM
Eating was better today-stayed on track so far. Not sure if I can count it as calorie burn but my every two hour shock therapy as sure made me sore. I looked online today for other placement instructions. Still counting on insurance to approve buy not rent!

No stalker news!

The boys are gone for the evening so its a girls night. I have some new students at school and we are piloting some mini laptop type computers. I brought one home to play with but Kallie quickly took over. So girls night and we are both working away on the laptops. I was thinking a nap sounded good but know I won't sleep tonight if I sleep now.

Jana and I were going to meet to run but she ended up going to a game instead. I will head over to the park to run in a little while after the boys get home cause I am not pushing that blasted jogging stroller.

Enjoy the evening.
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