Author: Jilligan
•7:29 PM
Today was a great day. Kallie, TJ, and I got up early to take the dog out. Then we woke everyone else up and talked them into walking to a local cafe to eat breakfast. It was a little colder than we thought but we only had to walk about a mile. By the time we ate, it was better coming back home. Then I went back to sleep! When I woke up, Kip was outside working on the basketball goal. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside. The boys played basketball while Kallie and I decorated the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk. Kip also got all the bikes back in shape for the warmer weather. Kallie tried to learn to ride with out her training wheels but didn't last very until we had to put the training wheels back on. She wanted to ride her bike to the school play ground so off we went. I don't know who had the hardest time, me going slow enough for her to keep up or her having to peddle all the way.

It was a great day to spend outside with the family. Not very many chores got done but we had a good time together.
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On January 31, 2009 at 11:09 PM , Mel said...

Days like these are the ones you remember the longest. I love family days.