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Okay, my husband was getting all dressed up to head out to run. It is about 20 degress and the wind is blowing 30. We had to go through the whole, "I can't find my IPOD, I can't find my nike plus, what did you do with my headphones (as if), and blah, blah, blah. Finally he opens the door. I ask him his course cause he hasn't been running in forever and he just got over nearly pneumonia. He tells me he will do the park once. He is no sooner shutting than the door than opening it. There is a huge huge huge yellow lab sitting on the porch barking his deep bark calling the girls from the back yard. I am laughing my head off but he is telling me to call someone, get the id, whose dog is it, blah, blah, blah. We have lots of dog running stories, remind me to tell you one time. Anyway, we get all our dogs in the house. One in the bedroom with Kallie, one in the boys' room, and the main attraction in her kennel. Then my husband leads this horse through the house to the back yard where he is still barking non-stop. Meanwhile I get in touch with the owner who is one hour away. So now an hour later, Kip is off running and I am waiting my turn. I know it may be colder but at least the wind will die down.

Another running friend reminded me to be careful running at night because some other friends of hers had gotten their cars sideswipped during the night. The police had left a note on the cars to let them know they had been hit-duh! It happened 1 block from where I make my turn around to head downhill and back by the house. I went by there 5 times the other night. So just a reminder to be defensive when you are out there running. Wild labs and hit-in-run drivers are just a few of the terrors.

How did everyone do on Carb Deplete?
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On January 13, 2009 at 12:29 PM , Glass Princess said...

great story!
So glad to hear that you are running again. Your knee doing okay?

Carb Deplete week was rough, glad it is over, but I feel soooo much better already.