Author: Jilligan
•6:03 AM
I am up way to early this morning because I am going to a workshop 2 hours away. I am actually completely ready to go and it is 6 am. What???

I haven't run at all this week since Sunday. I have been saying I am too tired or that my knee is too sore but I really don't know what's wrong. Then Jo slapped me in the face yesterday and reminded me that it's only 7 weeks away until the marathon relay. What???

I did have to get up to take the dog out this morning at 4:30, 15 minutes before my alarm went off. Thanks. Anyway, I had forgotten how nice it is at 4:30 in the morning. My friends in Hereford used to meet up to run then and no matter how much we gripped about it at least we got it out of the way and nothing interfered. The reason that it's nice then is that it warms up slightly around that time and the wind is calm (er). Then right before the sun breaks it gets cold again. I am not sure if it is a scientific fact but it was something we experienced almost daily. So the next time I am trying to convince myself to go run but am thinking it is too cold-too bad.

I have got to get with the program. I have done great on the WOE this week and have lost a few pounds. Jo reminded me that it wasn't about the scale and I reminded her she had a free pass for 9 months. Actually I think I told her to SHUT IT!

Well, the dog finally quit barking and the coffee is ready so I am signing off. Have a great day everyone. By the way, the workshop I am going to is "How to Deal with Difficult People." I hope none of you have any to deal with but if you do, I am hoping to be an expert by 4:00 today.
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On January 23, 2009 at 8:45 AM , Jodie said...

Is that a class to deal with the family? or work? LOL.
I saw a quote yesterday that said, "I'd tell you to go to hell, but I work there and I don't want to see you every day."

Hope you get a run in tomorrow. Ty's been talking smack about the boy's relay team.

On January 23, 2009 at 9:33 AM , Mel said...

Good job on the WOE. I have actually taken that class before. I was hoping at the time they would give me a way to tell a certain salesman what I thought without losing my job. Didn't happen, but a good class. Enjoy! I am with you on the needing to get with it on the exercise front. Good luck!