Author: Jilligan
•10:38 PM
I am sore tonight but it is a good sore. I did nearly 5 miles yesterday and did nearly 4 today. I ran with Jana this afternoon and it was great to run with someone else again. She is doing great and is on track for her first 1/2 marathon in OKC. Kip got up and ran this morning so everyone is doing good. I got up early yesterday and ran with the sunrise. I had taken my phone and took a picture so I will try to get it downloaded to add to the blog.

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. We talked about my current plateau and she looked over my journal. Get this, she said I needed to eat more calories. I was trying to average 1500 and she said I needed to be eating 1700 and no less. Can you believe that? Eat more. I told her I wasn't hungry and she said do it anyway. I fell short today by 622. Have to work on that. She also saw Kallie who had two ear infections. Oh and she said I needed to sleep more! I love that doctor! I will have blood work done at the end of the month to see where the insulin resistance is with the meds and the pre-diabetes progress or lack there of. Keeping my fingers crossed that the 35 pounds, 10% body fat, and 44.5 inches will have helped.

This week I am going to try to Taebo again. My sister gave some of my DVDs back and I remembered how much I loved it several years ago. I also have to lift a little more often to help my legs adjust to running again.

I am not as brave as "The life of L" so I just set my running goals at 500. I have 29 down! Have a good week! Gotta get up and change the ice on my knees!
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On January 20, 2009 at 6:33 AM , FIT LIL FIDDLE said...

I'm sorry to hear we are both stuck! I never would have thought a Dr would recommend more calories and sleep. Sounds like a good and pleasant thing to try!
Are you on meds for the insulin resistance?
We will get there! I keep trying to thik positive!

On January 21, 2009 at 11:03 AM , Jodie said...

Yay to more calories and more sleep. But the more sleep thing is almost impossible with your schedule.

You and Jana are doing great. Keep it up. Only 7.5 weeks til Seabrook.