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•10:48 AM
Boy am I bad about posting on my blog. I wish I was a once a day poster at least! I wish I could do this from my droid (any suggestions?). I figure I can take a few minutes and post so I will try and see how long that works out for me.

Summer is in full swing around our house. Baseball games most every night. The kids are at the pool everytime they get a chance. Since they built a new swim center 1/2 block from the house it makes it easy. Expensive but easy. We are members of the local country club but the pool is all the way across town and they can't get there safely yet. (I know, all the way across town is like 2 miles but that includes a major highway and a train track.)

Kallie is going to daycare two days a week this summer and she is mad about it. I don't blame her. I think the boys went some when they were younger, when I taught summer school or took my graduate classes. It doesn't seem far to her and she would much rather come to work with me anyway.

Trevor starts his Strength and Conditioning Camp tonight. He is supposed to go 4 nights a week for 5 weeks. I am really proud of him because he has been getting up to run each day, lifting weights some, and playing baseball. He is a good kid and really excited about h.s. athletics. I hope some jerk of a coach doesn't ruin it.

I have been walking alot, swimming some, golfing a little, and working on building our arena. It's not enough but it all counts for something. I am working through some self-improvement/food issue books trying to solve the compulsive eating problem. True to the book, I have gained some weight as I begin the process but am dealing with that also. I need to go buy some summer clothes that fit now and quit waiting for another size.

Guess that's all for now.
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On June 14, 2010 at 10:48 AM , Jana said...

Amen sister! I have found it so liberating to buy and wear clothes that are comfortable and roomy. Who cares that I have a whole other closet with clothes that are too small. Just makes for a good garage sale...