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•9:40 PM
I was trying to get my computer problems figured out and hadn't realized how late or how cool it had gotten. Kip and the dogs were going to go with me but the dogs couldn't get along. Besides I kind of like the peace and quiet so I opted to go alone. I did stay on the roads today under the street lights. I am bound and determined to keep some hills in my training so I took off on my marked course. I never have been good at breathing correctly while I am running. For sure tonight I was sucking in the cold air. My lungs did not appreciate it and responded by firing back, literally. Okay, maybe not literally but it sure felt like fire in my lungs. I finished though. When I got back to the house I came inside long enough to breath in some warm air and then went back outside to cool off for a while.

I haven't started running again with my IPOD. I don't know for sure why but I thought I would run without it for a while. Partly because I like hearing what is going on around me but I think my life is so busy that I wanted some silence for a little while. I do miss having the measurements but I also know they are never completely accurate anyway. I drove all the streets I wanted to include in my run. I marked each increment on a map and now I can choose which streets for the distance I need. Right now I am just running for time but I like to know whether I am getter better as I go along. I know, I know, my car isn't an accurate judge either but what else can I do. I am tempted to mark the course like Bryan did but haven't gotten brave enough yet.

Not sure if I have reported on the new scale yet. I bought a body fat scale to keep at work for all the crackers there. Weird, I know, there are not always accurate either. (Is this a theme tonight?) Anyway, one of the girls has lost 4% body fat in one week. She is the one I mentioned earlier that looks different already. All the crackers at work will measure again on Monday and I am anxious to see how they have done.

I measured yesterday and have lost 4 more inches. I am not weighing until I go back to the doctor next week. I haven't heard from her yet regarding my blood work so I am going with "No news is good news" motto.

Read Jana's post if you haven't. I so agree with her about not being hungry and leaving food on my plate. I am a little worried that I haven't been getting enough calories again so I will monitor that a little closer this next week. Tomorrow is D day. We all know where I WON'T be eating!
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