Author: Jilligan
•8:50 PM
The wind was blowing again today but I talked my son into going out with me anyway. We only had to get three in so that wasn't too bad. We ran on the roads for 1/2 a mile and then headed to the park trail. My husband was going to come pick us up in 30 minutes so we could go eat. That meant we had to run quickly (for me anyway) to get done in time.

We had made it almost around to our pickup location when my son decided to show me how well he could throw a rock at a moving target. We always try to look for a "prize" on our runs and today we had picked up a perfect skimming rock. He decided to use the rock to aim at a tree branch that had a bird on it. He moved in to throw pretty quickly and the next thing I knew he was flat out on his face on the ground. Right outside of the path there was a hole about a foot deep. He had stepped in it when he threw the rock and bit it. After I checked to see that he was alright, I almost died laughing. Of course he had broken his ankle and his hip and couldn't possibly walk anymore. I helped him up and drug him along for a little bit. He is very dramatic. When my watched beeped to tell us the walking interval was over, he was miraculously healed and off he went. After he had searched out the skimming rock that had gone flying across the park grass.

After supper tonight, we all went back to the park for some baseball practice. Our family lives and breathes baseball. This will be the first year my daughter gets to play so we have to get her ready for the pros before the season starts. I can't wait.
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