Author: Jilligan
•8:37 PM
Got my three in on Monday with the DH on his bike, the middle child on his bike, and the youngest in her Barbie Mustang. We ruled the road because of our numbers and our noise. My daughter kept worrying that the battery was getting low on the car so she quit early. After we ran, we had coffee on the porch. If you have insomnia, you should not have coffee at 10:30 pm. We stayed up late and got caught up on our DVRed shows.

Tonight I got in another three with the looming threat of severe weather. Again Kallie went with the Barbie car and she made it 2 miles before the battery died. Luckily we were close to my son's baseball practice so we loaded the car in the back of the pickup. I finished the run, stopped by the house and got warmer clothes, then headed back to watch baseball practice. We love baseball at our house and are always excited when it starts. This year I am worried about the expense because everyone has outgrown everything. Yikes.

On the house front...the bank as all paperwork and our realtor thinks they will set a closing date by next Wednesday. Thanks, cause we have had to pay two more months' mortgage waiting on this closing. I just hope it goes through cause my fingers have cramps from being crossed.

Better head to the ice bath before the lightning gets any worse.
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