Author: Jilligan
•12:17 PM
I ran this morning with my new butt pack water holder thingy. Not sure what the technical name is but I am sure you all know what I am talking about. First, looks: you have to tuck you shirt in to the pack so that you can get to all your gear. No hiding the hips now. Second, weight: Not too bad but I was just carrying water and my phone. Third, ease of use: easy to get to bottle and phone and easy to put back. Complaints: The water bottle lid was had to open and no way was I using these expensive teeth to open it. I decided to leave it open and it sloshed a little. It wasn't too bad with water but I stopped half way to change to my other shoes and switched to accelerade. That made the leaking fluid a little sticky. Maybe I will try to open and close my water bottle a few thousand times to make it easier.

Other running updates: still loving the new Under Armour sports bra-worth the extra money. Would still like to find some shoes with cushion and support but not extremely heavy. I tried on about 20 pairs yesterday but this area is not known for its running stores/shoe selection. I am going to Dallas next week and hope to have time to look around.

Better finish up and head to the shower. We have Babe Ruth State Playoffs tonight. Two games to win to head to Regionals.
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