Author: Jilligan
•8:31 PM
Finally decided to take some time for myself. It wasn't all of my choosing. Two of my kids were really tired of staying home so they called my mom and begged her to come get them. My other son had baseball practice. Usually I would go and sit at practice but my son told me tonight that I didn't have to stay and watch, that I could go do something for myself. I told him I had been wanting to get my workout done so he told me I should just do it. It's what I have been wanting but felt selfish to take time for myself. I also decided I had time to update my blog since I haven't blogged in about 11 weeks.

18 weeks until marathon. I am not ready. I have gained about 20 pounds back since summer started. I started carb deplete again today. Headache! Only had one dt. soda. I was off of them for a few weeks but gave in. I have to find something that I can stick with and not just something for 8 weeks or 12 weeks. I know I can do it because I have done it before. I felt so much better, looked better, and my body was healthy.

I will try to be a better blogger.

Oh, I got my Garmin 305! I ran on the treadmill tonight so I didn't get to use it fully but I am really excited.
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On July 20, 2009 at 11:55 PM , Mel said...

Glad to see you back! I was just wondering the other day if you were still Cracking. I pulled out my book the other day and read it over. Good luck with the Carb Deplete week. Glad you got a little time to yourself.