Author: Jilligan
•6:16 AM
Saturday morning has meant alot of different things in my life. Cartoons, sleeping in, track meets, cross country meets, coaching track meets and cross country meets, breakfast in bed, wrestling with the kids, watching track meets and cross country meets, football games, debate tournaments, early trips to catch a bus or drive a bus, and coffee. Coffee seems to be the only constant! I love having enough time in the morning for a cup of coffee with my DH.

Today I am blogging while drinking mine and he is reading the latest workout book I bought to add to our collection. We are up early because the oldest had to be at the bus for debate by 5:30 and the middle has to be up for a football tournament. But in between the two events, we have a little time for ourselves.

Back to the book...when we were both in high school, the athletic staff, namely Richard Albertson got us hooked on a program called Bigger, Faster, Stronger. We both thought it was great then so we looked it up and found out it is still going strong, no pun intended. We ordered the whole program. Now I have a thing for books about running, working out, dieting, fitness, nutrition, etc, so I was pumped (again no pun intended) about it coming in. Only thing is, DH hasn't put it down since it got here. He watched the DVD, he read the magazine, and now he is reading the program book. We plan on getting the whole family going on the program, well, except maybe not Princess. Much to my dismay, she has no desire for sports at all. She does like to run and I am still holding my breath for the rest of her love of the game to follow.

We have a two hour drive ahead of us today. I am stealing that book and reading it for myself. I will annoyingly impart some of my new knowledge on you at some point in time. I am just preparing for one day when my dream comes true and I get to do what I have always wanted. No, not torture you. Okay, well, maybe. But it would be in a "I am doing this for your own good, helpful sort of way."

Diet is going great. Weight and inches are coming off. Goals are being smashed. Keep on keeping on.

Those of you that have been supportive, thanks. Those of you that haven't, whatever.
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