Author: Jilligan
•6:05 AM
I have avoided eating to deal with stress now a few times in just the last week. Some times stress just seems to pile on. I am proud of myself for choosing other ways to deal with it. I listened to my rain cd. I read some books. I took a bath. I went to bed early. I cleaned the house. All good things to do instead of eating.

This morning something was on my mind and I just couldn't get back to sleep. Instead of laying there tossing and turning, I got up early and made some coffee. I got ready for work and instead of rushing, I had time to blog and reflect. Now I am completely done with myself so it will be less stressful getting the kids up and ready.

If you don't know, we got three new pigs (FFA projects). I told someone we had 25 extra seconds in the day and needed to fill it somehow! So the kids have to get up earlier now to go check the pigs. I think they are going to take turns so no one has to suffer every day. The pigs are cute. I like two of them but don't like the fattest one. I think I have an aversion to her weight. Anyway, the baby's name is J.R. and the other two don't have names yet. I figure if we have to eat them, we might not want to name them.

Have a great day.
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