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Tonight DH and I made some time for ourselves. Usually our kids are running off in all directions and dragging us with them but not tonight. We made the oldest hang around to take the middle one to practice and also watch the youngest. We loaded up the bikes and went to ride a course my husband has been wanting to try. I ride a lot slower than he does but I want to get faster. Tonight was only my second time clipped in.

We got to the park and started to unload the bikes when DH noticed his cousins were right beside us. After chatting a little, we headed off. We rode up our first hill and got a glimpse of the windmill museum.

It was right before this photo op that we had to cross a big road. Of course i crashed. I was trying to re-clip and just went tumbling over to my clipped in side. I couldn't get out of the clip so i couldn't catch myself. My elbow and wrist took the blunt of the fall and my hip got in on the action as well. Nothing to do but keep going so off we went.

We rode by a small pond and I was passed by lots of cyclists. It was at this point I told my husband to ride on and we could meet up at the end of the next serious of small hills.

I ended up stopping on the other side of this pond (or lake). He rode around another time while I waited in the shade and drank my water. Then off we went again. Back around to pass the car and out the other side of the park. I only got in 7 miles but pretty good for my 2nd time on this bike.

The cousins were still there playing frisbee golf so DH went off with them and I came home to stretch and ice. I took another ice bath and iced my wrist. Hope I can get out of bed tomorrow.

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On July 23, 2012 at 8:21 AM , sandra said...

You're ready for the Tour de France!