Author: Jilligan
•11:08 AM
We have embarked on a new adventure around here.  RV living!  The kids and I are staying in a small RV during the week in an effort to save time and money traveling back and forth to school.  We were spending at least 10 hours a week in the car, not to mention the time wasted in my office waiting for practice to be over.  Now we have a place in town to stay overnight or to sit during practice.  It's been an adventure, with frozen water, running out of propane, broken pipes, etc.  We are learning a lot.  We have spent most evenings at the table playing cards or backgammon.  The boys have their xbox and this week we discovered the library has movies to check out.  If the temperature dips below 0, we head home but if not we just brave it!  We have learned to heat water in the microwave for a quick rinse and to shower at night before it drops below freezing.  I think we are managing quite well.  Some nights if I am lucky, I can convince my daughter to sleep in my bed which means her little dog climbs in as well.  Those are the warmest nights because he loves to snuggle.  I will gladly deal with her kicking and teeth grinding as long as I get the pup! 
I hope the kids look back on this time with fond memories and realize the sacrifices we are making for them.  I hope RV living provides them with extra time to spend with their friends, on school, or playing cards with their family.  And I hope I remember why I am doing it also, especially on mornings like today and yesterday when the windchill was -6.  Brrr, it's cold outside!
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