Author: Jilligan
•10:52 AM
Today I am supposed to be at an expo for a marathon I was going to run with my sister.  I will soon have plenty of race bibs to create a collage of non-run races for this year.  40 hasn't been what I planned for it to be.

Instead of spending this weekend with my sister preparing to "enjoy" 26.2 miles of running, I will spend time with my family. Currently the wind is blowing 28 mph with gusts of 41 or higher.  That means track meets and baseball games must be played!  We are hosting a track meet today that starts at 4:00.  I am also the administrator for a baseball game that starts at 5:00.  One son is running track today (broken hand) and the other is playing baseball.  My DH will take the track meet and I will take the baseball game since my job assigned me to it.  Our oldest is pitching again so we hope for a great game.  Tomorrow will be filled with little dribbler's basketball.  Both boys are reffing(not sure if that's a word) 7 games tomorrow and my daughter will play 2 games.  So we have a marathon this weekend of a different sort.

This is the hardest time of year for school administrators in my opinion.  Time to start looking ahead at next year's staff and making plans to move in the direction.  That means some hard meetings with teachers and coaches.  These meetings don't always turn out easy.  With FB and Twitter, administrators are instantly trashed and become the bad guys.  Fun times in the days and weeks ahead.  Just have to keep in mind that we work for the kids and have to do what's in their best interest.
Break is over so I better get back to work.  More meetings on the schedule.
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